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You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop.
— Rumi





Forget everything you thought you knew
and let your soul show you the truth. 




Something has been calling you, this piece of your heart and soul is asking to be seen - to be brought into the light and shared with the world. You are tired of going through the motions and doing what you think you need to're ready to do what you were BORN for.  You want to do the work of your heart, to do the work that absolutely aligns with your soul AND be able to live abundantly...and you can!  You would LOVE to live a life where money isn't an object, to be able to travel, give to causes you believe in and be your beautiful, generous self...and when you tune into your heart you feel certain that you want to do all of this with SOUL!  There is enough money, there are enough clients and opportunities and ALL of your dreams and desires are available for you, if you will step up and receive them. If you will step up and be your unique self and stand in all of your brilliance and share your gifts, your skills and your wisdom with the world...the world is waiting. Are you ready? 

private soulful business MENTORSHIP PACKAGE

This intensive package is for you if you have decided to make it non-negotiable that you will accomplish your goals, raise your vibration and step into the life and business that you are feeling called to.  

You are worthy of this and so much more!  

If  you are ready to surrender the struggle and step up to all that is waiting for you...I would love to support you in that.

one-on-one Mentorship

6 x 45 minute coaching sessions to be used over 3 months

Free Access to the Soulful Success Mastermind Group

Access to all Courses and Programs

Investment: $3000 - Pay in Full Price


This time next year, what do you want to say is true?  Are you prepared to make that a non-negotiable?  If so...I invite you to set up a free discovery session so that we can start a conversation, explore working together and get started on your dreams and goals *today*!  

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A year from now you will wish you had started today.
— Karen Lamb



I know what it's like to be a heart-centered entrepreneur and I understand how all encompassing it can be running your own business and saying yes to your soul.

I know what it's like to struggle with self worth and to struggle paying the bills every month. I know the fear that comes with taking a leap of faith when you decide to say yes to your soul.  I also know the phenomenal power of making the decision that your dreams are not up for negotiation.  The power of investing in yourself and saying yes to the business and life of your dreams...even when you're afraid and even when you have no idea what all the steps are.

In life, we don't need to know all of the steps...we just need to know the *next* one and that's why I'm here to help.

I had high-level mentorship at every stage of creating my business and I know that was fundamental to my success. 

Working with someone who has walked a similar path, who genuinely cares about seeing you thrive and is going to stand for your soul, hold space, keep you accountable and call you on your shit when they need to, is powerful! 

As we work together, you'll navigate your way through years of emotional and mental blocks and week by week you'll keep taking the next steps in the direction of your dreams and in a matter of months you'll look around and realize that your life and your business are completely'll find yourself *in* your dreams...not still wishing for them. 



As I grew and deepened as an entrepreneur myself it lit me up more and more to support other women entrepreneurs with things like stepping into their worth, opening their hearts to abundance, aligning with their unique brilliance, following their dreams and creating the life that they have always wished for.  There is nothing in the world like seeing the spark come back into someone's eyes, seeing them courageously move in the direction of their most aligned dreams and actually create them!! 

When I first started my practice I had so much fear around charging people.  It was the last thing I wanted to talk about or think about.  I gave discount after discount and it was literally agonizing to say my rates out loud.  I did a lot of networking before I began my business and so I actually started out pretty busy, I was seeing an abundance of clients and loving my work...but yet I was struggling to pay my bills and, after all of the start-up investments, I was getting further and further into debt. 

After my first year of practice my accountant was doing my year end and he called me to tell me that the amount I gave away in discounts was LARGER than the amount I earned!! Absolutely crazy, right? 

I didn't value myself.  I didn't see my worth. I just wanted to help, I wanted to be of service and support to everyone else, and I put myself last over and over again.  Then I realized, you can't be of much service when you can't afford to pay the bills!

One month I had to take all of the change from our house to the coin counter at the bank just to have enough to pay our mortgage. 

Fast forward to present day!  I have done powerful work to heal my money story, to absolutely transform my wealth consciousness, step into my worth, own my gifts and open my life to abundance - because THAT is the energy I wish to offer the world.  People who value themselves, people who are empowered and who empower others! People who are the creators of their own story.  Successful soulpreneurs doing what lights up every corner of their beings who can also provide abundantly for themselves and their families. 

If you have a hard time seeing your worth...or if you get a knot in your stomach every time a client asks you what you charge or every time you think about taking that leap to say yes to the call of our soul...this is your invitation...your opportunity to say that this is NOT how the story ends...your opportunity for a brand new beginning with phenomenal support every step of the way.  


What do you want your new normal to be this year? 

Check in with yourself and ask...what do you truly desire? What does your dream life and business look like and when will you decide that the pain of staying where you are is greater than the fear of moving forward, getting the support you need and absolutely making it happen!! 

what would it mean to you to stop wondering if you'll ever realize your dreams

and actually start realizing them? 

Are you ready to explore working together one-on-one? 



It IS possible to finally start living the life and business of your dreams this year! 

To fully align your business with your soul and create more success than you ever even imagined!

Dreams don't happen by jut dreaming about them though...they happen by doing something about them. 

Make a commitment to your dreams, make your JOY a non-negotiable, brilliant soul, and everything will start to change!

This is not a cookie cutter package.

I customize it for you completely and target it to your needs and your dreams! 

If you're ready to heal your old story and write a new one, one that lights you up, one that has you living the life of your dreams and doing the work that you absolutely adore while earning abundantly...this is for you. 


Here's just a peek at what's possible THIS YEAR...

△ Do the work you LOVE every single day! 

△ Full align your business with your soul! 

△ Charge what you're worth, and get it! 

△ Completely transform your money story 

△ Develop a healthy wealth consciousness

△ Understand how you can work with the universe as you move forward in the direction of your dreams while feeling supported

△ No longer feel depleted and exhausted from putting everyone ahead of yourself

△ Attract your ideal clients with ease and start serving the people you were born to serve! 

△ Take massive and inspired action every single week in your business with confidence 

△ Live on purpose! 

△ Release fear and let LOVE lead the way in your life AND in your business! 

△ Put the systems in place that will set you up for success

△ Stop wishing and start creating! 

△ Learn the simple steps that will make your dreams a reality! 


and all you have to do is say you.