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              I'm Celeste Frenette. 

I'm a Soulful Business Coach and Intuitive Mentor.  I'm a mother and a wife... a daughter and a intuitive entrepreneur and healer.  I wake up in the morning every single day with overflowing gratitude and do the work that I love.  I am absolutely lit up about life and feel so deeply connected to the purpose and calling of my soul.  I am wildly excited about working with people like you...people who are ready to step into their worth, say yes to the call of their soul, open their hearts to abundance and live a life led by love!  I didn't always live this life.  Years ago I was in a place of feeling so alone and sad that it felt hard to be in this world.  I couldn't find hope or light within me. I believed dreams came true for *other* people.  I believed in almost everyone, but myself. I loved and cared for almost everyone...but myself.  And then the call of my soul awakened me. 


my journey

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I love the freedom of making my own schedule, working with clients from anywhere in the world, and doing training calls in my pj's!   As I child, I watched my father grow a successful business as an entrepreneur and the dream began to form in my heart very early on.  When I was 17, just preparing to go to university, my step-dad died suddenly of a heart attack at only 39 years old...and my world changed forever.  I cancelled my university registration and booked a ticket to go to Jarabacoa, in the heart of the Dominican Republic, to spend time volunteering...being of service while healing and connecting to my soul.  

I knew that I wanted to help people to live happy, healthy lives...but I had no idea what I could do or how I could 'fit' my dreams into any of the career options in the university catalogs.  I decided that I would become a Registered Nurse and, after four years of university, that's exactly what I did.  

I LOVED working with patients so much!  It lit up my life, I was doing the work of my soul in so many ways...but...the hospitals were always so short staffed that I simply couldn't spend the time with patients that I knew they needed and deserved.  Being the enthusiastic and giving soul that I am, I burnt out pretty quickly in that world.  I wanted to offer people *more*.  I wasn't able to serve the world in the way my soul was asking me to serve.  I went back to school...again...and studied Naturopathic Medicine.  I graduated in 2008 and I worked as a Naturopathic Doctor for 6 years.  I loved that I was able to really take the time to be present and support people in the way they deserved to be supported .  I  was always drawn to the emotional and spiritual sides of healing...understanding what is truly underneath of what's going on and healing from the core.  My heart was most invested in supporting people to align with their souls and follow their dreams from a healed and nourished place.  

As I grew and deepened as an entrepreneur myself it lit me up more and more to support my clients with things like stepping into their worth, opening their hearts to abundance, saying yes to their souls and creating the life that they had always visioned for themselves. 

There is nothing in the world like seeing the spark come back into someone's eyes, seeing them unapologetically move in the direction of their dreams and then...actually create them!! 

If you're here...I have a feeling we have a few things in common...

Loving and taking care of others has always been your priority.  You value it higher than anything.  Putting yourself first? Not so much. You may feel that wealth and financial freedom are for 'other' people.  It may feel out of reach...and I'm here to tell you that it's not.  

You are a generous and kind soul've put yourself last on your list for a long time -  and it's not working so well for you anymore.

You have a call in your soul that will not leave you alone. You've dimmed your light for long enough. 

You know that you are meant for more and either you're not sure what step to take or you DO know but you're letting self-doubt and fear keep you playing small and hiding your truest gifts from the world. 

That was me, beautiful heart.  I gave and gave and gave until I just had nothing left within me to give and I had to learn that we are meant to overflow into the world, not to empty into it.  In order to overflow...we must tend to our vibrations and align with our souls. 

I felt not good enough.  I felt afraid.  


I didn't let that stop me.  I got support. I made a promise to myself and I went all in! 

I do a lot of work with entrepreneurs around wealth consciousness and abundance...because our ability to open our hearts to receive is directly related to our beliefs about our own worthiness.  The power of our mind and heart to transform our lives on a personal level and on a professional level, is beyond measure.  Often my new clients just don't know where to start with it and so they reach out and we walk through it all together and watch the beauty unfold. 

If you are anything less than lit up about your life story, about your relationships, about your business, about your finances...I invite you to step forward into your worth at least enough to say YES to you!  

My entire life transformed when I decided to unapologetically say yes to my own soul.  When I decided that the pain of where I was, was MORE than the fear of moving forward.  When I realized that I didn't have to choose between my dream job OR a home I love, a vacation OR paying my bills. Once I shifted my mindset and realized my worth and connected deeply to my soul I was able to take a stand for the AND!  There is MORE than enough for ALL of your desires, dear heart.  YOU have it within you to make your dreams a reality!  

Your dreams are your dreams because YOU are the secret to making them happen, if you're ready to get started with that and live life on purpose and receive all of the abundance and blessings that are meant for you, I invite you to book a discovery call so we can explore working together and start a conversation to really look at what you need to step forward into the life of your dreams. 



First we’ll get clear on what your desires and dreams are. If you don't know what you's not very likely you'll be able to manifest it!  If you're here I know that you're not feeling fully in your joy right one area of your life or in many.   You might only know that you don't want to be exactly where you are, but not know where you want to get to - and that's okay!  We have gotten so accustomed to suppressing our desires and putting ourselves last, and that's why we're going to do some powerful work to reconnect you with your reconnect you with yourself.  It will all come together and OH MY GOODNESS will you be LIT up about it!!! Realizing your desires and dreams, and then...realizing that they are absolutely within your such an incredible part of this process! 

Next I'll support you in healing and transforming your money story as you step into your worth!   Wealth and worthiness are intimately related.  You want to do BIG things in this world. You want to make a difference.  You want to give to causes that you are passionate about.  You want to pay your bills on time and be debt free.  You want to nourish yourself with beautiful, healing foods. You want to travel and experience the fullness of what is available to you in this big beautiful world and it is ALL available to you.

The only limitations are the ones you create for yourself.   

In your efforts to heal the world and serve everyone, don’t sacrifice your soul.  There is enough for all. 

Your struggling is serving no one. Rise up, raise your vibration, step into your power, step into your dreams and see, beautiful heart, the ripples of change you can make in the world, and in the hearts of many, from that energy. 

It is completely your choice.  You write the story of your life and you can shift and transform it at any point in time.  If you're willing to step step out of your comfort zone and go all in, if you're willing to show up for yourself,  commit to your dreams and make your joy non-negotiable...I would be honoured to meet you there.  

Tune into it for a moment...and imagine your life at this time next year. What do you want to say is true, this time next year?   If you want to start a conversation and explore if working together is something that can help you get there, I would love to offer you a Free Discovery Session.   I can't want it for you more than you want it for you...but if you're willing to show up, invest in yourself, and say YES to your dreams, I will meet you with my whole heart and guide you and mentor you as you create a new normal that will inspire you and completely light up your soul! 

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My soul purpose is to lead by LOVE.  I am here to inspire you and guide you as you rise up to the call of  YOUR beautiful soul. I'm here to BE the change I wish to see in the world.  A world where we empower one another.  A world where people choose to heal and transform their old stories and their old wounding and create what they desire, for themselves and for humanity.  A world where inspired entrepreneurs across the globe wake up and give gratitude, feel SO inspired and connected to their purpose that sometimes they can't even sleep and have more energy than they know what to do with...because THAT is what happens when your soul is in alignment and you are connected and absolutely inspired about life...about your purpose, about your work, about your relationships. 

I truly believe that we can change and heal the world when we change and heal ourselves.  When we step into our worth, we reflect worthiness into the world.  When we choose to shine, we illuminate the pathway for others...that no one need to be in the darkness. 

So this is your call, precious heart, the opportunity to say YES to your your joy.  It is all available to you and the choice is yours.