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This year. This is your year.  

This is the year of dreams come true...the year for you to step into your power and take consistent inspired action.  

It is time for you to be the radiant manifesting light that you were born to be. 

To connect into spirit and let your life and business be fully soul-led. 

Anything you desire is possible for you. 

Making money is easy.

If you've been struggling through I invite you to surrender that and consider a new way. 

 In this inspired course I walk you through all of the most powerful manifesting tools that supported me in completely transforming my life and business in 2015. 


How to Heal Your Money Story and Make Peace with it

How to Manifest Anything You Desire

How to Master Your Mindset

How to Leverage the Universe

How to take a Stand for Your Soul and Trust Your Intuition

How to Nurture Your Connection to Spirit

How to Fiercely and Courageously Step into Your Dreams NOW! 



4 workbooks focusing on...

1. mindset work, 2. actionable steps to strengthen your manifesting power, 3. planning tools to get clear on your relationship with money and welcome more of it in your bank account and 4. leveraging the universe to attract what you desire! 

Money, Mindset and Manifesting Tracking Journal

4 Training Replays 

Orientation Manual so that you can get started as soon as you're ready! 



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When I started the course we had to set a goal for the month and I decided to choose a money goal of $15,000. I had never manifested this kind of money, but I committed to using the tools that Celeste taught us. By the end of the month and the course I had actually manifested $16,000! Manifesting this money meant that I was able to invest in one on one coaching, pay all of my bills AND cover the cost of a ten day trip to California!! I would definitely recommend this course!! It was so easy to follow along, the tools and exercises were so valuable and it worked!! Thank you Celeste! 

katie lipman


Celeste's guidance has helped me immensely for the last several months. I was in the right frame of mind and ready to move ahead with my business at the time the manifesting course began. The calls and materials blended wonderfully and I looked forward to each new call. Before I started the challenge I had wondered about the time commitment. It turned out that participating was so fulfilling it was 'me time' that I anticipated with excitement. I plan to continue with the material for another 8 weeks since it is so useful for me. 

Celeste's words, thoughts, and assignments are impeccably timed. She knew what would be on my heart at that moment in the journey and how to reassure me to continue even when tasks felt difficult or scary. I was able to accomplish far more than if I were trying alone.  I had aimed to sign up four new clients this month and I signed up five! When I set that goal it felt like a stretch. I couldn't see how it could happen. I'm thrilled that I accomplished more than my goal and got more leads as well. Even better, another four no longer feels like a stretch. I also have a new direction for my business on the horizon. I have successfully kept an early morning routine that creates peace for myself and my family. I've grown in confidence, awareness, gratefulness and excitement. Others around me are also noticing. Just today one of my students asked 'how are you?' When I replied 'great' she said 'you're always great!' And that's how I've felt these past few weeks. I highly recommend the Manifesting course. If you are ready to invest and commit to your business and yourself you will not be disappointed in the results. 

sarah buckley

Keys to Success Piano Studio

I asked for a sold out retreat by a date, $2400 in sponsorship, and ways of being for myself. I ended up with $3700 in sponsorship, a sold out retreat a week later than I thought, and an amazing new way of being. And in just a few hours I'm being named University of Calgary's first "Distinguished Alumni". Surrender is for real! 

Jill Drader

Recovery Transformation

A Course in Manifesting was completely ground breaking for me and was really the first step for me realizing my full potential. I think what I really set out to manifest was more visibility and exposure and I have definitely achieved it!  Since taking the course I have been published in The Huffington Post and I have created an online coaching course that will be launched at the end of May. I am also taking a fabulous trip to Cuba, which was one of the things I aimed to manifest while taking this course. The tools from this course allowed me to achieve these dreams. This was all made possible because I learned the importance of staying in a high vibe state among many other amazing skills the course taught me. I would like to thank Celeste for all her support. I highly recommend this course for any entrepreneur at any point in their business! 

morgan bentley

Energy Transformations Coaching

At times, we forget we have wings.  Celeste does a magical job of reminding us, dusting them off, and pointing us straight for the stars. Celeste is such a present, kind, inspiring, authentic, loving person. She will hold space for you in such a beautiful way, that one day you find yourself pressing "start broadcast" on Periscope and wondering why you were ever scared to begin with?  If you have a chance to work with her, you must. It will change your vibration. 

Sarah Marzalek-kelly

SMK Inspired


a little bit about me

My name is Celeste. I'm a Soulful Business Success Coach. My purpose is to lead by love.  My intention is to support others in living their greatness and stepping into their power, listening to the call of their souls and manifesting the life and business they were born for.

This time last year my dreams were only wishes. I had NO idea if I would be able to manifest them, but my soul was calling me to follow the inspiration I was getting and have fierce courage and I did.  There were many times I felt like giving up. Many nights I worked into the wee hours of the morning.  Many moments when I doubted my manifesting ability. I didn't give up. I worked on completely transforming my money story. I did mindset work like my life depended on it and my entire life and business changed. In less than a year I manifested a business I adore, more than 30 amazing soulful clients from around the world, my first 52k month, six figures in my very first year as a business coach, a new car, a trip with my Nana and family for her 88th birthday, piano lessons that I had dreamed of since I was four years old, phenomenal high level coaches, three vacations, new friendships and soulful connections, a deeper connection to Spirit than I have ever had, more trust in myself, a stronger faith than ever before and more miracles than I can count. I'm not sharing any of this to brag...I'm sharing it because to the core of my being I know and believe that what is possible for me is possible for YOU too!

This time last year I was looking at others who had created what I created this year thinking it was an unrealistic dream and wondering if I should be more practical.  I grew up in a family that was constantly struggling with money.  Three years ago my husband and I were over 100,000 dollars in debt!  I used to dread saying my prices out loud...I would agonize in debate over a 5 dollar increase in my rates. Money didn't always feel easy for me to earn and I used to think that manifesting meant making a vision board and simply setting intentions....now I know that true manifesting is actionable and requires work...but it's do-able! You can manifest ANYTHING you desire and I would love to support you in that.  If you're done with spinning your wheels and wondering if your dreams will ever come true...this inspired course is for you. 


 I invite you to join me in this course if your heart feels drawn to it. If you're ready to amp up your manifesting power and call forth the dreams that you know are meant for you this year.  You will learn every single manifesting tool that supported me in completely transforming my life and business and choosing a new story for myself and my family. 

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Believing in You.