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day 1

takeaways from day 1 

  • Before going global - Get crystal clear on your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) - who, specifically, are you called to work with? Who do you want to work with?  and... Who wants to work with you?  Understand your IC inside and out so that you can speak their language and create a strong and inspired message to put out into the world.  You want to know their age, what they do for a living, what interests they have, what their pain point is, what they want support with and you want to make sure it is someone you feel absolutely inspired and LIT up about working with because THAT energy transmits globally like nothing else!! 
  • Create an Ideal Client Checklist - you understanding whether or not your clients are the right clients to work with you is just as important as them understanding whether or not you are the right person for them! I don't work with anyone that I don't want to work's a non-negotiable for me to have clients who are willing to show up, do the work, be authentic, be kind, be ready to say yes to their souls and take inspired action towards it regularly
  • When you are clear on these things you can get your messaging down and you will be able to attract your dream clients like magnets - I now have people approaching me and asking to work with me that I didn't even know knew I existed...people watch and they follow and they are always listening so it's important to be really clear and on purpose
  • Don't waste time and money on Facebook ads or other advertising until you are very clear                                                                  on your ICA - tomorrow we'll talk about how to reach the people you are called to serve                                                                    with ads and social media marketing 


day 2

takeaways from day 2

  • Decide where in the world you are drawn to connect with clients - where do you long to travel to? Where is your heart being called? Do you want to offer retreats? Speaking engagements? Group events? What is your vision? 
  • Research the Page Likes and Groups that people who you think are your ideal clients are a part of.  Start with 10 people you are friends with that you think would make an amazing client, look at their profile and see what pages they are a fan of.  What groups are they a part of?  Who do they follow?  What interests do they have?  (yes okay, it's a little bit like stalking, but all with good intention ;)  Write down a list of pages and groups and see which ones those 10 people have in common - when you are ready to create Facebook ads you will want to target these particular pages so that your ideal clients are more likely to see your posts
  • Embed a Website Tracking Pixel on your Website - if you don't have a website yet and yet you have a lead magnet and opt-in page you can embed the pixel on that page. if you don't have a website or opt-in page yet, don't worry about this stage right now, keep it in mind to put in place when your site or opt-in page is up and running.  
  • Create a Custom Audience to enable you to market specifically to people who have visited your website.  I'll be posting a video about this later today to walk you through it step-by-step.  
    • Create a Lookalike Audience to capture leads in other countries who are similar to           people who are visiting your website.

On tomorrow's scope I'm going to walk you through how you can create custom audiences without a website and the basics of how to create a Facebook Ad with Power Editor to support global marketing!

Below is a bonus instructional video that will guide you in embedding website pixels, creating custom audiences and lookalike audiences 

Day 3

takeaways from day 3

  • Get clear on the 3 main things that your ideal client struggles with.  What is keeping them up at night?  What is their main pain point? 
  • Make sure that the offer or invitation you are putting out there is in the "I need that NOW" category and not in the "wouldn't that be nice SOMEDAY" category
  • Focus on benefits not features - you need to be able to communicate what results your clients will get from working with you, taking your group program, buying your course...etc. 
  • Search for images that best represent your offer, use your own photo if you can
  • is the main site I use to create all of the professional looking graphics for my ads, website and Facebook page - if you want a detailed Step-by-Step guide to using Canva I have a course that I created called "A Course in Canva" that includes a video and workbook to support you in making stunning graphics without having to hire expensive graphic designers for it all and you can find the course by clicking the link below
  • Create 5-10 test ads with a low budget when you're just starting until you notice your click through and conversion rates going up
  • Below I've given you a Free Gift - a little video I created for my group program walking you through every detail of how to create Ads in Facebook!  Enjoy!! 



takeaways from day 4

  • Facebook has a specific algorithm that it uses to determine which of your business Facebook posts will show up in the newsfeed and how often  -because of this most of your fans never see your status updates! Today I talked about the key factors that can help to change this! 
  • Make sure that you are engaging with your audience at least 75% of the time and posting offers or invitations no more than 25% of the time
  • Check "Insights" on your Facebook Business page to find out when your audience is most active and most likely to engage 
  • Posting 1-2 times per day will give you greater engagement than posting 3 or more times per day...more is not better - quality over quantity! :) 
  • Groups are not subject to the same algorithm rules and are a wonderful way to connect with your tribe and nurture relationships with them in a more powerful way 
  • Join and Engage in 2-3 groups that your ideal clients frequent and spend at least 10 minutes per day engaging and interacting 
  • Be Visible. Be Vulnerable. Be You.  
  • Be Consistent and Share from your heart. xo 




takeaways from day 5 

  • Start asking your soul for specific direction every single day - don't get caught up in the how, don't overthink it - act immediately with inspired action
  • I was offering 2 Free Teleclasses per month when I began my coaching business and was having consistent 5k months from the start
  • Consider Teleclasses, Webinars, Periscopes - pick one medium that resonates most and show up there consistently offering value to your tribe 
  • Consider offering a Challenge on a topic that your ideal clients will be excited about
  • Submit blog posts for consideration regularly to places like : Elephant Journal, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen
  • Direct clients from your social media platforms to a Free High Quality Opt-In 
  • Remember that building community takes time, start local before you go global to give yourself good foundations...create a ripple. 
  • You don't need thousands of people on your list to make good money in your online business - I was able to earn 10k in my first 6 weeks as a new coach with a list of only about 200 people!  It's all about putting yourself out there, offering quality, giving value and building relationships. 



takeaways from day 6 

  • Today I talked about what it really takes to go global and create 5-figure months in your online business 
  • There will be long hours, tears, self-doubt, fear *and* it's important to have unwavering determination, fierce courage, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and SUPPORT! 
  • You can do this!
  • I hired a Personal Assistant and it was one of the best decisions I ever could have made for my business, it gave me the time and energy to focus on what I do best and put love and attention into growing my business, without severely depleting myself
  • I worked with a coach almost every step of the way and this propelled me forward in phenomenal ways - having someone who has walked a similar path that can guide you through, collapse your timeline, hold you accountable and give you intensive support is priceless! 

special note for those using periscope 

  • If you're using periscope to create videos for your business or you're using it to watch Live videos of others please make sure you check your cell phone data plan - Periscope uses up a LOT of data.  I only had 2g/month on my plan and I had to increase it to 15g/month to make sure I won't go over.  With my provider every 1 g that I go over costs me 15 dollars, but increasing from 2g to 15g was only 50 dollars - so worth it!!
  • I don't want you to have an unpleasant surprise on your phone bill.  If you're creating your own LIVE videos for your clients, be mindful of time and make sure you're giving value and really respecting the time and cell phone data that your audience is giving especially to you.  :)  Periscope is a phenomenal platform and I'm so excited and grateful to those of you who have given your time and data to be on the scopes Live with me - thank you!! 



takeaways from day 7! 

  • People around the world are waiting especially for *you* 
  • Because they don't know you yet, it's important to build trust and develop relationships - the BEST way to do this is by you being willing to be vulnerable and visible by being your true self and shining your light bravely 
  • When you shine your light you create a ripple effect that crosses the globe that will change the lives of MANY souls
  • Even when you aren't getting responses or 'likes' know that you are making a consistent, show up, be REAL, be authentic, be bold and know that you matter - you are needed and even when you think no one cares, people are listening, watching and waiting - keep moving forward - test and tweak, test and tweak, test and tweak - you can do this, don't give up! 
  • Today I shared a meditation that you can use whenever you want to connect energetically to the souls of your global tribe, this meditation will raise your vibration and inspire you to keep going 
  • If you need support, reach out, you're not alone and if you've been spinning your wheels or struggling to create success through your online business



If you're ready to step things up and take your business to the next level join me for our next free challenge. 

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This is going to be about getting visible, getting vulnerable, daring greatly and reaching the next level in your business and life.