day 1  

takeaways from day 1 

  • You are an abundant being, by nature.  Allow yourself to align with it and remember it
  • Limitless abundance and wealth is available to you
  • In life and business, make sure that love, not fear, is guiding your decisions and choices 
  • Hold your clients in the light of abundance, know that people CAN afford to work with you and allowing them the opportunity to pay you also allows them the opportunity to receive all of the benefits and positive impact of that 
  • Don't be afraid to ASK for all that you desire, if you've got space for new clients, if you've got a beautiful new product available...let the world know 
  • I find my heart opens to abundance most when I tune in to my why...why am I doing the work I'm doing? Yes, I do desire a cottage by the lake and it's beautiful to tune into that...but the why of what I'm doing goes much deeper than that...the cottage is only one side effect...the why is the drive and motivation and LOVE behind it all...what is your WHY? 

challenge questions for today

Take some time to explore whether you are operating from the mindset of abundance (love) or from the mindset of lack (fear) 

  1. Do you ever find yourself thinking, or worrying, that there is not enough or that there might not be enough…money, time, support, knowledge, opportunity, space or clients…? 
  2. Are you driven by fear, doubt or worry in any way?  When it comes to your work? When it comes to your family? When it comes to listening to the call of your heart?  When it comes to finances?
  3. Do you truly believe that you can have and are worthy of all that you desire in this life? 

  4. Do you believe that *you* are a limitless soul with the ability to change your experience, your health, your wealth and your happiness? 

 The single most powerful thing that you can do to immediately shift from the energy of lack into the energy of abundance is to focus all of your attention on love.   Love is the source that connects us all. It has the capacity to change everything. 

 When we are tuned in to source, to love, to abundance – we are the powerful creators we were born to be.  

 If you are ready to create some miracles in your life, and ready to experience complete abundance, here are some simple questions to guide you and inspire you.  

 With no worry, fear or judgement, if you had unlimited money in your bank account and all of the opportunities in the world…

1. What would you be doing differently with your time?  

2. What work would you be doing or how would your work be different?  

3. What choices would you make in your life and business if the energy of LOVE was leading the way? 

4. In what ways are money, fear, worry or the mentality of lack (financial or otherwise) holding you back from saying yes to your soul or to your dreams? 

 In her book, Return to Love, Marianne Williamson says “A miracle is just a shift of perception from fear to love”.   If you’re ready to open your heart to the miracles you are longing for in your life and in your work…return to love.

 “Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” 

We get in life what we focus on…and what we have the courage to ask for.  If fear has been leading the way in any area of your life, this is your opportunity to create an immediate shift today and every day from this day onwards.  Are you willing to be reminded of who you really are?  Are you willing to step into love and embrace abundance?  Are you willing to release any and all focus on fear? Are you willing to stop focusing on what you’re worried may not happen…or on what you’re worried might happen if there isn’t enough money, time, opportunity or work?   

If your answer is yes, you're in the right place! Tomorrow we will begin to get intimate with money as you explore your money story and notice how it is affecting your life and business! 

 bonus challenges (Optional) 

  • Create your own 'why' board.  To the left you can see a picture of mine.  A why board is designed to absolutely set your soul on fire and light up every cell of your being with purpose and inspiration as you are reminded of why you're doing everything you're doing...why you are opening your heart to abundance, why you are creating great wealth through your business, why you are doing the work you're doing.  It will propel you forward. 

  • Share the results that your clients are getting on your business page or get those testimonials up on your website - the world needs to see the powerful and inspired work that you are doing and hear about it from people who have worked with you and know how amazing you are.  

  • Make an inspired offer, put yourself out there.  ASK for what you desire...either energetically by claiming it and asking the universe, or physically by writing a post on your business page and sharing your work with the world in new ways...or even better...BOTH! Create an invitation that speaks directly to the needs and desires of your ideal clients and remember that there are people out there who want to work with you, who are ready to say yes, who have been waiting especially for you. 

  • Share your inspirations, thoughts, insights, feelings, experience and story with the Private Facebook Group.  We are all in this together and as we are willing to share we will propel one another forward in ways that are immeasurable.  

Keep your eyes open for some special bonus material and worksheets that I'll be posting in the Facebook Group over the next two weeks. 

day 2


  • Notice what woundings you have around money from the past that are ready to be healed and transformed
  • If the money story you have isn't one that aligns with what you desire and who you truly are...you have the opportunity now to change that and create a new story, a story you will fall in love with that will create a new pattern 
  • Create positive "I am" affirmations that will support you in stepping into your power as the creator of your experience in this life - it's okay if you read them and don't believe them...as long as they feel inspiring and positive to you...they may not be what you are experiencing right now but they are what you are calling forward and stepping into - repetition will literally change the neural pathways in your brain...thoughts do become things...affirmations are powerful and consistency is key 
  • Step by step, in the directions of your dream...with gratitude and acknowledgement of yourself every step of the way.  
  • Creating great wealth is truly about who you become in the process, every step and stage is so vital and I encourage you to honour yourself and celebrate yourself for how far you have come and all of the work you are doing to create a shift in your money story and in your abundance story. 

"Sometimes what we want, we aren't ready for.  Sometimes what we need is to not have what we want, so when IT comes along we are the person we are meant to be - in order to keep it....The things you want or desire will come when you are ready to receive them" 

Emma Smallbone, The Barefoot Medium

  • It's impossible to miss your miracles.  All that you desire is available to you and is on it's way to you right now, in perfect and divine timing.  Enjoy the moment, enjoy the blessings and gifts of the present and know that every day as you become more and more of who you truly are you also open more and more to abundance and to all that you desire to create and experience in this life


challenge questions for today

Today I invite you to go all in as you explore your money story and raise any limiting beliefs around money up to the light to be healed and transformed. When I first began working really deeply with abundance and wealth consciousness my husband and I were so far in debt that I had no idea how we would ever get out of it.  

I used to wish for abundance, and I always felt it needed to come from outside of me. I had dreams of all the good I could do in the world if I won the lottery and I wished for something miraculous to come and change everything - I didn’t realize that I had the power to create abundance in my life...that we each hold that power.  

Here are some questions to guide you in exploring your money story.  Day 2 is the most intensive day...but it's also creating a powerful foundation for the rest of the days and will support you in big ways as you open to abundance and wealth. 

Money Story Exploration

1. What did you learn about money by watching your mother and what did she actually tell you?  (experiences, activities, perspectives, decisions, rules, attitudes…) 

2. What did you learn about money by watching your father and what did he actually tell you? 

3. What are you telling yourself about money now?  

4. What current money beliefs do you hold as a result of your upbringing?

5. Look back at your experiences with money and write about the stories you have about money that are contributing to your current financial situation. 

6. If money were actually a relationship in your life, what would it be like? 

7. What is your core belief about money? 

8. What do you tell yourself about your ability to make money in your own business? 

9. What are your negative beliefs about money or abundance?  

Examples:  money always runs out, I don’t have enough for what I need or desire, money is lacking, money makes people greedy, money is hard to come by

10.  What would the positive opposite be? 

Examples: money continually flows in and out with ease and joy, I have the power to create all the I desire and am open to receiving abundance, money is abundant and unlimited, money enhances our natural traits, it enhances my innate generosity and goodness, money flows to me and through me at all times

 11. In what ways do you keep yourself small? 

Examples: I put myself last, I avoid being visible, I am afraid to speak my truth, I feel overwhelmed constantly  

12. What would you like to choose instead? 

Examples: I nourish my body, soul and spirit as a first priority, I allow myself to be seen for who I truly am, I speak my truth with grace and confidence, I ask for support and delegate anything that feels overwhelming

13. When it comes to money, what have you been focusing on that you don’t want anymore? 

14. What do you choose to focus on that you DO desire? 

15. When you step fully into your power and into your purpose, what do your financial life and money story look like? 

16. What does your money story look like when it is completely healed and transformed?  You can now choose to write a new story that is in alignment with your soul and what you know to be true. 

Create some powerful affirmations and read them several times every day.  Consistency is so important when you are working on healing old stories and creating new normals.  What do you desire, from this day onwards, to hold true about money?  

bonus challenges (OPTIONAL) 

  • Notice if there is anyone that you are staying small for or editing yourself for.  Notice if there is anyone on Facebook, for example, or in your life in general that you feel afraid or nervous to be the truest you in front of, to say exactly what you think and feel in front of.  I invite you to write down every single name, ending with your own name.  One by one go through them and offer the Ho'oponopono Blessing:  I am sorry. I forgive you. Thank you. I love you.  As you do this for each person, cross their name off the list...they will no longer be a block for you, if you are ready to choose that for yourself.  When I did this for the first time I felt so much freedom, so much healing and just permission from within to truly be myself.  
  • Outdoor Fire Ceremony:  I invite you to burn that list as part of the energy of releasing it and allowing it to transform.  You may also like to write down, on a separate sheet, all that you wish to call forward into your life...your intentions, your prayers and desires...let them rise up to the universe to be held and supported. 
  • Share your inspirations, thoughts, insights, feelings, experience and story with the Private Facebook Group.  We are all in this together and as we are willing to share we will propel one another forward in ways that are immeasurable.  

day 3


Our next challenge email and Periscope will be on Monday, so you've got the weekend to really go in depth with everything until then.  

If you haven't read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, I invite you to read it this weekend.  It's a quick read and filled with a lot of inspiration and power.

At the end of the Day 3 notes there is a link to a PDF version of the book for you! 

takeaways from day 3 

  • Your desires are worthy...even the biggest ones . If you're doing what is most convenient, most logical, most practical and it's not lighting up your soul...you're missing out on the fullness of what is possible for you. 
  • Never shame yourself for your desires, tune into them and bring them to the light - they connect with the path of your soul and more abundance than you could imagine. 

challenge questions for today

Today is all about truly connecting to your desires and dreams.  It is the first part of our wealth consciousness work.  

It was when my son was born that I began to look at my life and ask myself what I truly wanted to create and who I truly wanted to be in this world.  I had a very high risk pregnancy and I knew from the day I found out I was pregnant that my little one would have to really want to be here on this earth.  Doctors and midwives told me that it was unlikely he would survive and that there was a chance I may not even survive.  When my beautiful baby boy was born two months early, my heart overflowed with gratitude unlike ever before.  He was my reminder that miracles happen every day and that anything is possible. He reminded me every single day to trust what I felt and not what I saw, not what I heard.  He reminded me of faith and of grace.  When I held him in my arms I knew that experiencing that big miracle was calling my soul to stand up and stop living small.  Over and over again I felt my son speak to my heart and remind me of the truth.  Our playing small does not serve the world.  We were born of greatness and we were born for greatness.  All of us.  

We are worthy of our dreams and our desires.  They are not in our hearts to long for…they are in our hearts asking to be born.  We are the ones who can birth them, we are the ones who are called to bring them to life.  What is the call of your soul? 

I encourage you to never minimize yourself, to never believe the lie that what is possible for one person is not possible for you. Anything you desire or dream of is possible…and not only is it possible, but it is waiting for you to make it happen. 

When we are in alignment with the call of our soul we serve the world at an entirely different level. We weren’t given our gifts to keep them hidden, we were given them so that we would share them with the world and serve from a place of love and inspiration.

When we are in our power, when we are in our purpose, when we are living from love and from joy – we light up the entire world. We serve in the fullest way imaginable.  When we are in our purpose we are actively being the change we wish to see in the world, we are connected to source and we are inspiring others to embrace their greatness and step into the fullness of what they are called to as well.  

Today we look at what our true hearts desires are and I encourage you to dream big! Don’t limit yourself, don’t minimize yourself, don’t minimize your potential. You are a limitless being and, if you’re not already, consider the possibility that it’s time to go all in – life is short and we’ve got big, beautiful work to do ;) 

Statistically only 1 in 100 people know what they want.  So many of us have been taught to minimize and suppress our dreams, we’re told to “be practical”, “be realistic”, and to “play it safe”.  If you’re ready to unlearn that, this is your invitation.

Today you will explore questions and exercises to help you get clear on your true hearts desires.  This is your opportunity to dwell in possibility and really connect with what lights you up.  

First, you are also going to learn how your unique inner qualities affect your professional life.  It’s important to understand what’s inside of you so that you can create a thriving business based on your values and strengths that actually nurture you in your daily life! If you're already in a business that you adore this will help you deepen into the parts of it that especially light you up and reconnect you to your purpose. 


1. What brings you joy, lights you up and makes you smile?

2. What did you love to do as a child?

3. What do you love to do now? 

4. What activities or projects make you lose all track of time? 

5. What are your natural and innate abilities, gifts and skills? 

6. If you were to teach or speak about something, what would it be? 

Setting Your Intentions

Quiet your mind by bringing your attention to your breathing.  Imagine there are no limits to your time, money or talent.  What do you desire to do, create, experience or have in this life?  This is a great opportunity to go big and really connect deeply to your authentic desires.  Some examples:  owning a beautiful home in the forest, traveling to Costa Rica, hiring a personal assistant, starting a foundation, publishing a book, earn a six-figure income while doing what you love, speaking on stage, buying a new car, being in great shape, supporting your clients in transforming their lives…the sky is the limit…what do you desire?


Understanding Your Big Why

1. When you think of being of service to others through your work, where do you find the most joy?

2. What comes most naturally to you that you absolutely love doing?

3. What could you do all day for free and completely lose track of time?

When you have answered these, write down your big why.  


My big why is to help women connect to their wise inner voice, trust themselves and feel the love, joy and abundance that they are meant to experience and that they are capable of creating in their lives.  Helping women to be healthier, happier, wealthier and more connected to their souls in business so that they can serve the world with that energy and vibration and enjoy the journey!! 

We’ll go into planning mode in a few days, but in the meantime begin to start answering these questions…

  • What are your career and financial desires for the next year? 
  • What are your family and heart desires for the next year?

 day 4

takeaways from day 4 

  • Getting into reality with debt and bringing it all into the light will help you increase your manifesting power and be more on purpose with your money goals 
  • Use the Ho'oponopono Blessing to forgive yourself for anything that you feel shame about around money...any investments or spending that you feel guilt or regret about, write it all down, forgive yourself for each one, cross it out and burn it to release it so that you can be free of that energy as you move forward to create a new story 
  • Write out your budget and ideal budget too...you want to know what you're aiming for, what you truly desire and what you dream of...money goes where it has a purpose and if you don't know what you are working towards it makes it much harder to reach it (think of trying to hit a bullseye with a blindfold on) 
  • If you're feeling lost around finances, work with an amazing financial advisor or money coach who can support you in getting on track and creating a plan of action 
  • Charging our clients serves them by allowing them the opportunity to invest in themselves
  • When we are invested in the work we're doing with people we value it more, we see better results, there is healthy energetic balance 
  • Avoid asking other business owners for discounts and always be mindful to pay them for their services...you will open your own abundance and attract clients who want to pay YOU and who don't ask you for discounts
  • Whatever your current financial circumstance is...it does not define you and it does not represent the fullness of what is possible for you.  
  • If you're struggling in your business consider working with a business coach who has walked a similar path, someone who cares and will be invested in your success, someone who can help to collapse your timeline and give you the guidance you are looking for 
  • I created 10k in my very first 6 weeks when I was a brand new coach and I know that having my own coach was fundamental to that
  • Investing in ourselves in whatever ways we feel drawn to will help to open the flow of abundance in new ways...there is no better ROI than when you invest in your own self...as long as it feels good to your heart and soul.  Investing in ourselves doesn't always have to do with spending money...I also invest in myself by taking time out to be in nature, by making myself nourishing food and doing things that bring me joy
  • Avoid investing from a place of desperation or 'not feeling good enough'...I've done that and those are some of the money mistakes that I regret, although I did learn a lot from them! 

challenge questions for today

Today I invite you to get in reality about money, if you’re not already. If there is any denial, shame or hiding when it comes to your finances, it’s time to heal that.

Three years ago my husband and I were in over 100,000 dollars of debt, all of our credit cards were at their limit, bill collectors were calling us and STILL I was giving my clients discounts and working for free for people who said they couldn’t afford to pay. I gave to everyone and put myself and my family last. I had a beautiful home, a lovely clinic space, a pool and a stunning view of the river and yet some weeks I didn’t know how to find money to pay for groceries and we were struggling to get by. 

I always felt abundant. I gave from the deepest place in my heart with no regard for money and with no regard for energetic balance

I have always been very rich….money had not begun to really flow abundantly and easily until this past year or two, but I was always very rich in every other way. I was rich in love and rich in spirit. I had two big things to heal and one was my worthiness and the other was my ability to get in reality in my life – in all ways... in reality about money, in reality about putting myself last all the time, in reality about the life that I truly wanted to create for myself and my family, in reality about my need to be liked and the ways in which I was compromising my soul for people who didn’t really even care.

If you are offering, people will take. They will take and take and take, because you have taught them to…because you are available for that. You may think you are, but you're not truly serving them when you allow this to continue. What beautiful angel messengers those people are, they give us the opportunity to find the courage to learn to stand up for ourselves, to learn to value ourselves and to learn to create healthy boundaries and an energetic balance around money. 

The main lessons that I learned were: 


  1. We can serve the world in the biggest and most beautiful ways imaginable when we put ourselves first. When you are full, you overflow. It’s hard to make a difference in the world when you can’t pay your bills.  
  2. If you don’t take a stand for your worth, no one else will.  
  3. If you aren’t living your dreams, no one will push you to.  
  4. Getting in reality about money will change everything. Shining light into the darkness allows you to see what needs to be healed.  
  5. Don’t sit around wishing for things to change, make a plan, step forward in faith and courage and make it happen.  
  6. Abundance and wealth are available to us all. Without exception.
  7. You can turn anything around and the first step is simply deciding to.  
  8. When you charge your clients for your work you give them an opportunity to invest in themselves and take things to the next level in their own lives.  
  9. Being in debt is one way to keep yourself small.  
  10. When you invest in yourself you get the most amazing ROI possible. 

Anything is possible and anything can heal. It starts with you.

Here are some questions to support you in getting in reality with money to level up your life and your business.

1. In what ways do you feel ‘less than’ others?

2. What is keeping you from opening fully to wealth? 

3. What can you to do create a different story there? 

Opening Your Life to the Flow of Money

4. How does your home environment feel to you? (unsettled, cluttered, clear or good) What connection does your home environment have to blocking out wealth?

5. What specific things in your home environment need attention, clearing or completion?

6. What are you not paying attention to in your life? (taxes, bills, arguments, a physical pain you’ve been experiencing)

7. How can you specifically take steps to clear and heal these?

8. In what ways in your life are you not taking care of yourself?

9. What self-care actions will open you up to receiving greater wealth?

Getting in Reality with Money and Creating Sustainable Wealth

10. What are your monthly expenses? (see worksheet, in files section on our Private Group Facebook Page

11. How much are you making each month and each year?

12. How does it feel to make what you’re making?

13. What do you desire to make each month and each year?

14. How does it feel and look when you are making exactly what you desire? (How are you showing up in the world? What work are you doing? What is your life like? How are you making a difference in the world?)


15. What do you feel you need to hide when it comes to money?

16. What secrets about your desires are you keeping?

Your Inner Knowing

 17. What does your financial abundance look like this year? What are you open to receive?

Gratitude changes everything

18. I am grateful for…


bonus challenges (optional)  

  • Write out your money mistakes or any specific decisions about money or investments that you feel guilt, shame or heaviness around.  One by one go through them and say the Ho'oponopono Blessing...forgiving yourself and giving yourself permission to not be defined by any of this and to not let it determine what is possible for your financial greatness
  • The Ideal Budget form is on the Private Group Facebook Page for you if you would like to take things to the next level in terms of getting in reality about your money and understanding how much of it you need to live the life you want to live  

day 5

takeaways from day 5 

  • Worthiness is your birthright.  
  • Our rates can never possibly reflect or capture our worth...they capture the worth of our services to our clients and the value of our services to our clients is based on the results they experience. 
  • Your beliefs about your worthiness are part of the legacy you create to leave behind in this world...it is part of the energetic pattern you contribute. 
  • If you don't see, feel and embrace your worth you are probably blocking the flow of the abundance and financial wealth that is available to you.  
  • If you feel money is evil or believe having money makes you greedy, that is another block to wealth.  If this is a core belief I encourage you to work deeply on healing it - beliefs like this repel money with great force. 
  • Money and wealth can be a force of great good in this world...what impact do you desire to have as you create great wealth in your business? 

challenge questions for today

Today, we talk about worthiness because I believe that abundance and wealth are so intimately related to our own sense of worthiness.  Let's be clear...your worth is not reflected by your rates.  Your worth can not be measured by your success. You are worthy without needing to do, be or have anything at all.

Worthiness is your birthright.  Not seeing your own worth can block you from abundance and wealth, so that's what we'll work on today.

I'll start by sharing my Top 6 Tips for Stepping into Your Worth and I'll provide you some questions to support you in really exploring any issues around worthiness that you may have so that you can bring them into the light and transform them as you open to abundance in new ways!

1. Surround yourself by people who are positive, people who celebrate you, who value you, who encourage you.  If there are a lot of people in your life who do not treat you like this…take some time to look at why.  They are your angel messengers.  Sometimes it is because it can give us the motivation we need to finally start valuing ourselves and step away, or to stay and not step away…because when we can value our own selves it doesn’t hold any power or energy anymore if someone else doesn’t.  If they can’t see our worth, it’s because they can’t see their own.  That’s all.  That is truly all

2. Celebrate others and celebrate yourself as well…every single day.  If there is something you have felt jealous about in someone else, write them an email or a letter, or comment under one of their Facebook posts and celebrate them!! Congratulate them when they share their success or accomplishment and the focus will shift completely.  I invite you to unapologetically speak to your success today:  celebrate and share and by sharing give permission for someone else to share too.  We are all in this together.  Your success is my success. We are on the same team.  

 What are you celebrating about yourself today? 

What are you honouring and acknowledging about yourself? 

3. Don’t hide, beautiful soul.  Don’t dull your light for anyone.  Learn from little children…what do they do when they do something they are proud of or create something?  They stand there with a big smile on their face and say “looook!!”  They understand how to celebrate themselves and they think everyone else should be on board for that too…and they are right!   We lose that as we grow up.  We might have had parents who told us not to brag or friends or teachers who put us down, who tell us we are too full of ourselves if we share things…we’re taught to keep small, to keep quiet.  “You wouldn’t want to make anyone else ‘feel badly’, you wouldn’t want to make anyone else feel not good enough or inferior.”  What if…when you shared your celebrations instead of it making someone else feel less than, you actually INSPIRED them to look within themselves and explore what is possible for them?  I believe when we step into our greatness we hold space for others to do the very same thing.   When we choose average and less than we create a world full of average and less than…I want to create a world full of extraordinary…what about you? 

In what ways have you been hiding or keeping yourself small? 

In what ways are you holding back from sharing your brilliance and light with the world? 

4. You are beautiful.  Take a compliment!  Take it without giving it right back, take it with love and gratitude and store it in your heart, feel the truth and love and light of it. 

What compliments do people usually give you?  

What do people admire about you and see in you that they love and respect?

5. Seek your worth.   If you don’t know what your worth is, someone else will establish that for you and you might spend your entire life living according to that.   If the people around you, even the ones you love the most don’t see their own worth, it’s unlikely they will be able to see yours.  They might encourage you to shine but there is something unsaid about not shining ‘too brightly’.  So, it’s up to you.  Seek your worth and if you need to borrow from someone, than borrow from someone who knows their own worth and who sees yours too…allow them to be a mirror for you, to remind you of your greatness.

6. If, dear heart, there is no one in your life who you believe feels or sees your worth then I invite you to hold this in your heart:  Know that when you wake up, no matter how much get’s done, you are enough…you are so much more than enough and you don’t have to DO anything at all to earn that, it is your birthright and you cannot lose it.  It is impossible to lose it.  You cannot increase it, you cannot decrease it….although the perception of it may increase or decrease in your life.  You might gain weight and think your worth is lower or you might gain fame and wealth and the world might think your worth is higher, but the truth is your worth doesn’t change…it is BIGGER and more beautiful than you could ever imagine.   You absolutely cannot diminish or lose your worth, but you can lose sight of it and if that is the case and that is going on in any area of your life right now,  I hope with all of my heart that you will tuck my words into your spirit and remind yourself of them every single day.  You were born to shine, the world needs all the light it can get. 

People create all kinds of stories to justify their decision to stay small in this world.  Don’t let your old stories and old wounding get in the way of what you were born to offer in this world.  Your dreams are your dreams for a reason, they are asking you to bring them to life.

What are your deepest hearts dreams? 

If you could DO anything…what would you do? 

If you could BE anyone...who would you be?  By that I mean...who would you show up as in the world?  (what type of person, what type of life, what type of actions and beliefs would you have) 

When we’re stuck in a space of feeling not good enough and feeling not worthy, we hold back.  How can we serve the world in the highest way possible when we are holding back?  We just can’t.  I KNOW you are here because you believe you are called to more, because you want to illuminate the path for others, that you want to support others and that you want others to see their worth and know their value.  Find yours and you will light the way for them to find theirs.  It is that simple. 

Worthiness and Wealth

  1. Name the areas you feel unworthy in and then explore the real truth inside that will open your life to gracious receiving.


-       I release the belief that I am unworthy of wealth because I am not good enough.  And the truth is: I am so much more than good enough.

-       I release the belief that money is evil.  And the truth is: Money is energy. It is a tool and can be used for good or bad, just as any tool can. I choose to do good and wonderful things with money.

-       I release the belief that I am selfish if I want to be wealthy.  And the truth is: I can help and serve people in a greater way if I am wealthy…my reach becomes that much farther, I can support people that much more deeply.  

I AM statements

I AM connects us to our creation energy and has the potential to connect us to our core truth.  Tune into your inner knowing and create some I AM statements that use a transitional verb to allow your subconscious to accept the statement as absolutely so.  (Examples: I am a force of love and light in this world helping others to connect to their brilliance!   I am a generous soul helping others open their hearts to the abundance of the universe!   I am a successful entrepreneur receiving abundance and wealth through doing the work of my soul!)

I am…

I am…

I am…

I am…

I am…

I am…

I am…

I am…

Bonus challenges (optional)

  • Every day for the next 5 days choose something to celebrate, honour and acknowledge yourself for.  Actually do something to celebrate...it doesn't have to cost any money, be creative, have fun! 
  • Accept every gift that is offered to you with grace, gratitude and love. 
  • Mirror work - stand in front of the mirror naked every morning, look at yourself and send love to yourself.  Take time to honour your beautiful body for how it protects you and speaks for your soul. If you can't find it within you to love and acknowledge all of your body...pick one thing that you can choose to love in that moment...your eyes for helping you to see the beauty in the world, your hands for allowing you to hold the hand of your child, your heart for housing so much love, your lungs for breathing without instruction, your legs for carrying you through this world...pick one thing and go from there.  As we learn to love ourselves we connect in to how truly divine we are...when we can tap into our divinity, we know our worthiness without question. 

day 6

takeaways from day 3 

  • Before you offer your time and energy to others make sure you have it to give and make sure it feels good to your soul. 
  • Energetic boundaries are critical, especially as an entrepreneur...radically nourish and love your beautiful self as fully and deeply as you can 
  • My friend and colleague Asha wrote a beautiful blog post about this today...if you'd like to read it you can find it here:  http://www.my-homeopath.com/blog/healer-burnout-101
  • I invite you to spend time thinking about what fills and overflows your spirit, not just calms it and maintains things for you but absolutely restores and refills you.  
  • I hope you are inspired to find the parts of this challenge that resonate for your unique self, the ways that feel right to your soul, knowing that there is not only one way.  
  • If you've done some of this work before, this is an opportunity to take things deeper and to the next level for your own self if you choose. 


challenge content and questions for today

As a Heart-Centred Entrepreneur most of us have many roles to fill in this life.  We are brilliant, inspired, passionate souls doing the work that we absolutely love and we may also be a parent, spouse, sibling, friend, teacher, mentor, caregiver or healer.  We are serving others regularly in every single aspect of our lives and, we are serving from our souls.   We don’t play small.  If you’re here on this challenge with me, you are not someone who is available to playing or being small in this world. You have BIG work to do and you are in alignment with your purpose…or you are absolutely ready to be!

So let’s put the structures and systems in place that are needed to make sure that you can give without burning out, that you are never depleted and that you are feeling healthy, strong and happier than ever in your life and business! 

I had always given to everyone else above myself.   In the past two years things have really begun to shift in my life.  I was so depleted from trying to be everything to everyone that I realized I had to take a stand.  I’ve said it in other posts and I’ll say it again…people will take endlessly, if we let them.  As much as we may consciously or unconsciously blame them, it’s not their fault at all – it’s ours.  It’s not that they are consciously trying to take from us, it’s that we are offering and we are available to it and so they will say yes, over and over and over again.   

When I first began to notice myself feeling depleted and yes, a little bitter and resentful as well, I would offer things to people while hoping and praying they would say no…hoping they would NOT take me up on my offer…but they always did, of course. There are very few people who will stop to think about you, to make sure you’re doing okay to make sure you are nourished and balanced and feeling good and it’s simply because people are so caught up in their own stuff that they genuinely can’t see it…and it’s not their job to see it, it’s ours.  We are offering and so they assume we must be in a really good place, we must have the reserve, we must have the energy and time…because we are offering.   Most people are so overwhelmed and under nourished that they will take whatever they can get, because they need it.  It’s not up to them to protect us, to make sure we’re nourished, cared for, energized and renewed…it’s up to us.    

I took a stand for myself and began a process that I called Radical Nourishment.  In 2014 started a 100 day journey of deeply and completely nourishing myself, saying YES to myself and saying NO to anything and everything that didn’t feel in alignment with my soul, anything that didn’t feel energetically balanced or joyful.  I began going to yoga, spending more time in nature, spending more time making sure that I was nourished with healing, energizing foods, spending more time meditating, reading books that inspired me and lit me up and writing, expressing and feeling again.

I am going to share with you some ideas for how to begin nourishing yourself and creating space to nourish yourself as well. Sometimes the drama and overwhelm take up so much space that there’s little, if any, time left for us, and that’s not okay. 

I’ll also offer some questions to support you in exploring the ways in which you can nourish your body and soul to automatically increase your health, happiness and wealth in your life and in your business. It’s all about stepping into the energy of abundance...there is enough time for everything you desire.  You can have everything, but you can’t DO everything…part of stepping it up and nourishing yourself may be calling in some supports…an assistant, someone to help clean your house, someone you can delegate to so that you have more time to give yourself the foundation you need energetically and physically to be able to do the big things you are meant to do.  We'll talk about that more on one of the other challenge days. 

Surrounded by Support

Early on my healing path, and before I started to see radical abundance and financial success manifest in my business,  I made the choice to disconnect from most of the relationships in my life that felt heavy or unbalanced.  To surround myself by positive, kind-hearted souls that would help remind me, every day, of the light inside of me.  At that time, so often I couldn't see it or find it in myself...but I could see it in them and so I knew it existed.  Their support and love carried me through.  I saw the light and love in them until I learned how to see it in myself…and now I see it everywhere.  

If there are any relationships in your life that feel like they drain your spirit, that feel heavy and that lack joy, it is time to take a peek at those and see what purpose they are serving in your life.    I want you to feel so much LOVE and JOY when you think about the people you are closest to, the people you spend the most time with and invest your time and energy into.  Life is too short to be unhappy…no matter what the relationship is you *always* have a choice and it starts with *you*. No one in your life has control of your happiness, but you.  

As you take a look at the different relationships in your life below are a few questions to consider.  Keeping in mind that you will find answers and clarity within your own heart.  You may not need to step away from a certain relationship, perhaps there is something within *you* that needs to shift or heal.  We cannot change others, but we can change our own selves.  We often react to people when we are triggered from a place of our own wounding, but it is possible to respond from a healed place, from a place of love.  That powerful and simple shift within our own beings may be all that is needed, or it may be a relationship that you find you truly need to step away from - as you stand up for your own soul and begin to call forth the relationships and support that you deserve in this life.

If there are any relationships in your life that you feel may not be healthy or balanced, relationships that drain you or feel one-sided…take a deeper look at them by answering the following questions for each of them. 

1. How does this relationship feel to your spirit?   

2. How does it make you feel to spend time with this person?  

3. How energized do you feel when you are around them? 

4. Why do you have a relationship with this person? 

5. Why do you spend time with this person? What does it give you? What does it give them?   

6. What needs to shift or heal within you or within this relationship? 

7. What is the healing lesson and gift for you in this relationship?   

Making Time For Yourself

If you are not full and you are still giving, you are on your way to being depleted.  As a person, but especially as a heart-led entrepreneur it is absolutely essential to make time for yourself. 

Take time to tune in and connect with your soul and explore these questions.  

8. What self-care practices do you have that are non-negotiable?  

9. How does it make you feel when you take the time and nourish your body and soul through these practices? 

10. What additional self-care practices are you committed to making a non-negotiable in your life?   

11. Schedule them in to your calendar!  Unapologetically and without compromise. If you want to increase abundance in your life, you cannot be cheap with yourself in any way. 

12. In what ways are you cheap with yourself? 

13. In what ways, or when, do you put yourself last? 

14. How do you show up in the world when you don’t have the time or energy to give to your own self? 

15. How do you show up in the world when you take the time and energy to give to your own self? 

Nourishing You

16. What foods nourish your body and energize you?  

17. What foods make you feel sluggish, tired, uncomfortable or drain your energy? 

18. What commitment are you prepared to make to yourself regarding lovingly nourishing yourself with foods? 

19. How do you show up in the world when you eat foods that fuel you and deeply nourish you? 

When you begin to nourish yourself fully, you raise your vibration and you open to abundance in ways that are just not possible from the energy of lack or from a state of being and feeling depleted and overwhelmed.  


  • Make a list of what you are available to and not available to in your relationships.  In doing this you'll have more awareness of what boundaries you may need to establish.

day 7


  • Looking at our wounding and examining it in the light of love can be a huge factor in clearing blocks to abundance

  • There are always opportunities to go deeper into our work, to take things to the next level...we all have wounding 

  • The work of Byron Katie in her book Loving What Is really set me free in so many ways and that is what I shared more about on the scope today

  • The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off ...everyone is a mirror for us and we have the ability to be free of any thought or belief that is causing us suffering, sadness, frustration, anger, bitterness or despair in any way 

  • The universe is conspiring to help you


I know the challenge has been pretty intensive so far for most of you and I am sending you oodles of love and support. I’ve been giving you a LOT to work through and I celebrate you for showing up so fully. Today’s challenge is going to be completely different from the other days. No more intensive writing! This one is all about putting things into practice! :)   

Today I am giving you a challenge…for some of you it won’t be very hard at all, but for most of you, it will require a bit more conscious effort. 

As I tune into what has helped me in my life and in my work as an entrepreneur I realize that the mindset pieces have been the biggest game changers. Our thoughts create our reality. The messages that replay in our unconscious mind over and over and over again are what we continue to manifest and create in our lives, even when we know all of this other stuff. If you are here on this challenge it’s because you want to open your heart to more abundance in your life. If you don’t have the life or wealth that you desire then there is still healing and transforming work to do. We are all constantly working through new layers and going more and more deeply with our work and it’s so beautiful! 

When I realized that life wasn’t happening TO me it was happening FOR me…everything began to change. Albert Einstein said “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is”. His words are etched into my heart and I consciously strive to see the miracles and blessings in everything that happens in my life AND business. When we shift from victim energy and step into our power and our sacredness, we understand that there is absolutely nothing in our lives that is not serving us in some way. If it’s not working for you and you’re not feeling good about the way your life, business or finances are going…then it just means something’s got to change. The way you are living your life right now is the magic formula for creating exactly what you have right now. If you want to create something different, you simply need to choose a different formula. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become the observer of your language and thoughts today. I want you to notice every detail. Your challenge is to turn around any thoughts, reactions or responses that are not serving you and supporting you in creating your dreams, turn around anything that is lowering your vibration in any way. Any negative thought, any negative reaction or judgement that comes up for you – catch it and turn it around…find the blessing, assume that it is a miracle.  If you can’t find the blessing…know that there IS a blessing and it is happening for you, not to you…feel it, express it, release it and transform it. Shift into a higher vibration more and more quickly each time. 

Today your job is to find a positive in every situation. If you catch yourself complaining…that is one of the lowest vibrations there is. If you’re complaining about something you’re feeling…feel it, express it, release it and then transform it.  If you’re complaining about something that happened to you, get out of victim mode and find the blessing, find the miracle. If you’re complaining about something that you always tend to complain about, start looking for solutions instead. If you’re complaining about someone else, look at how what you are complaining about in them is also within you…what are they mirroring to you and what do you need to do so that you aren’t so triggered by it. I'm working on this one today, big time! 

Imagine that I touch your hand when you have a bad burn on it…it would trigger you immediately, you would pull your hand away, you might be angry at me, you might blame me and get mad at me, you might think I did it on purpose. You might tell people about it and build a story around it. You might really step into that victim mentality about it…"everyone is always touching my hand, I always get hurt, people don’t love me, the universe is against me." 

Now imagine that I touch your hand and there is no burn on it. It wouldn’t trigger you at all, you might even think it’s nice. You don’t pull your hand away, you might even smile or give my hand a friendly squeeze. There is no wounding there. I’m not triggering you. When we heal our wounding, people can say things to us and act the way they act and it doesn’t bother us in the same way…it's no longer charged and so we may not even really notice it anymore, because we’ve healed our parts. When we notice it, it’s because we still have healing to do around it. It’s not just there to torture us and drive us crazy, it’s serving us in some way…so turn it around and see what is there...what lessons, what messages, what healing opportunities, what opportunities for courage and transformation.

Here are some examples that I made up to give you some ideas:

1. I can’t sleep, my mind is racing. I am starting to feel anxious, I have to wake up early tomorrow, why is this happening? I’m so frustrated! I turn it around. Why is my spirit at unrest? What is weighing on my mind? What can I do to support sleep? I write out everything that is going through my mind, I take some magnesium, I take a bath, I look for solutions and then I explore (either tonight or tomorrow)...if this is happening for me, what might the reason be...what is my body trying to communicate. 

2. I was up all night and the next day I realize I am tired and feeling frustrated, feeling angry and grumpy. I turn it around. I acknowledge that I feel tired and I plan a time to rest or take some extra time today to relax or nourish. I realize that, if my mind was racing there is something my mind is trying to get out, or communicate to me…so I take time to write down everything that comes to mind before I go to bed. I see that if I can’t sleep, there is some part of me that is feeling ‘unrest’ and I look at ways to explore this – journaling, working with someone, looking at if the nutritional, mineral and hormonal needs of my body are being met. I search for solutions instead of allowing myself to dwell in the judgement that this has happened TO me. I ask the divine…'trusting that this is happening FOR me…please show me the blessings and help me understand how to shift it and heal'

3. My friend tells me she just had her first 6 figure year and it’s only March. I am SO happy for her, but to be fully honest, I’m sad for myself. I’m feeling frustrated, not good enough. In my mind I’m thinking..."good things always happen to her, why can’t I earn that?" Then I start thinking that I’m always going to have to struggle financially and it spirals downwards. Turn it around. WOW! That is SO inspiring! If my friend can do it, I know I can do it too! I’m going to ask her how she did it. I realize that the jealousy is simply a sign that this is something I desire in my life too, so instead of saying in the jealousy and being a victim about it I am going to take inspired action and change what I’m doing or step it up so that I can create this in my life too! If I am seeing HER do this, it must mean that *I* can do this too - and that is exciting! I'm so grateful to her for showing me what is possible and inspiring me to step things up in my life and business! 

4. I'm late for an appointment, I stub my toe, I’m dripping with sweat and I’m feeling overwhelmed! I’m so angry at myself for being late. I tell myself I'm so stupid for not seeing that chair leg and curse my husband for moving the chair in the first place. I’m angry that I’m so hot and I feel it’s because I’m carrying some extra weight. It turns into a downward spiral and I’m a puddle of tears. Life is so hard, I can’t do anything right, I am a mess. Turn it around. What are the blessings in this? What are the messages? Is it time to slow down? Do you need to delegate so that you can feel more on top of things, so that you don’t have to rush all the time? What can you do to nourish your body? What a gift that your spirit gave you such a concentrated dose of signs, you must be ready for a big, positive shift in your life. What are your priorities, what brings you joy? 

5. I look in the mirror and I catch myself thinking “you are so ugly”. I turn it around. “I am beautiful. I love myself. I accept myself. I see the divine in my eyes."

6. I forget about a phone meeting and I catch myself yelling at myself in my mind for being so 'stupid and forgetful'. I turn it around. I forgive myself and I speak to myself now the way I would speak to my dearest friend or child if they forgot something…”I’m human”, "It's okay to make mistakes", “Next time I’ll write it down”.  I apologize to the person in a really straight forward way . Search for solutions…search for kindness...believe that even your 'mistakes' are serving and helping you and others in some way, even if you can't see it. 

7. I snap at my children. I catch myself. I turn it around. I tune in to what I am feeling and what is really going on. I apologize to them. I forgive myself. If I am feeling unsupported or overwhelmed in any way, I look at what I can do to shift and heal that, to transform it.

8. You catch yourself saying "I am stupid" or "I am broke" or "I am not good enough" or "I am worthless" or "I am overwhelmed" or something else that lowers your energy and vibration and you turn it around. I AM is a very powerful statement of creation...you speak it, you are bringing it into being. Turn it around, even if it feels silly, even if you have to do it a hundred times. "I am brilliant" or "I am abundant" or "I am amazing" or "I am precious and valuable" or "I am unavailable to overwhelm" or "I speak to myself with love and kindness. 

Ready. Set. Go!

If anything comes up for you today, any negative thought or judgement, any situation...feel it fully, acknowledge it, show yourself love and compassion and then when you're ready to shift it - turn it around...then come on to the Facebook page and share your turn arounds with the group! We're all in this together. Your thoughts are creating your life. Time to open to abundance more and more by creating new patterns in our lives that attract it to us with ease.


  • Explore the work of Byron Katie.  I walked you through the process in the video, but there are so many resources available online.  
  • Here is the link to one of her amazing pages that walk you through it all step-by-step:  http://thework.com/en/do-work


  • I take Byron Katie's work one step further and look for what I call 'the healing turn around'  - once I do all of the other steps I ask myself what new affirmation or awareness will support me in healing and transforming this more deeply...I describe it in the video for you.  

day 8

takeaways from day 8 

  • as you align your business with your soul and say yes to those callings within you, abundance will flow more powerfully and clearly than ever before 
  • abundance is as available to you as the air you breathe...feel that in every cell of your being as you do the meditation from today and know that all that you dream of and desire is possible for you 
  • show up and let God flow through you...just be you...feel the fear and do it anyways..you were born for this
  • "Don't be pushed by your ambition, be pulled by your mission" ~ Anita Wing Lee
  • It doesn't have to be that hard...if it's feeling uphill, something is out of alignment, follow the flow, follow your heart, abundance is your birthright and is available to you now

challenge content and questions for today 

Today I challenge you to put your abundance and wealth consciousness mindset into practice in every way.  Similar to the challenge from yesterday, this one is all about putting things into action, being mindful about your words and patterns and catching or turning around any words, actions or behaviours that are not supporting and nourishing abundance in your life. 

Your mission for today is not to be cheap with yourself or others in any way, to focus on generosity, abundance and gratitude.  If you catch yourself thinking you shouldn’t be spending money on yourself or thinking the thought that there isn’t enough…turn it around and connect to the truth.  You are limitless.  You can have everything you desire. There is enough for everyone.  Even if finances are feeling tight, today you are going to act as if there is plenty…because the truth is, there is.  Your thoughts create your reality.  If you think there isn’t enough, you are constantly creating that situation.  If you trust there is more than enough you are able to live in the vibration of abundance and you are able to call more and more abundance into your life.   

Here are your specific challenges for today: 

1. Be generous with yourself in every way.  Live luxuriously today. That may mean eating your breakfast in bed, buying flowers for yourself, having a bubble bath with candles and music, booking a massage or healing treatment, cooking or having someone cook your favourite dinner, doing your hair or nails, drinking water from a wine glass, spending time in nature, meditating…anything and everything that makes you feel abundant, connected, grateful and cared for…it doesn’t have to be something that costs money.  The key point is not to be cheap with yourself in any way today and to allow yourself to experience the energy of abundance and wealth in every way that you can. 

2. Give generously to someone else in your life today, surprise them!  Get creative with this one.  You may give generously to a stranger through a tip, through paying for their coffee or meal when you’re ahead of them in line, or you may go out of your way to buy a friend a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store or make a pot of soup for a loved one who is feeling sick…the possibilities are endless here.  Let me know what you come up with, this one is going to be fun!! 

3. Give gratitude to someone in your life that means a lot to you.  Literally write them a card or a letter and mail it via snail mail if you can. Put love and intention and care into it in all the ways that you can.  Get creative. 

4. Be the observer of your language specifically when it comes to money and abundance today.  Catch anything that is negative or lower vibration and turn it around.  Decide what you actually want to create and develop the language and words to support that.

Have fun with it! You're doing amazingly!!  

bonus challenge (optional)

  • I offered a little guided meditation at the end of the scope tonight for you all...I left it open at the end so that those who wanted to continue focusing on their breath and feeling that energy of abundance for a little while could do so without interruption...I hope you enjoy it lovely souls.  All that you desire is on it's way to you now. 

day 9

takeaways from day 9 

  • What Radical Abundance means to me....taking a stand for the freedom to not be limited in our decisions based on money and embracing overflowing abundance in all areas of our lives
  • I believe that every person on the planet has the ability to create Radical Abundance in their lives and I believe that it all starts with a decision...with a fierce commitment to one's own self 
  • It can feel scary to make decisions before we see the physical proof that it's all going to work out - I guess that is what faith is...believing what we know in our soul, even though we can't see it with our eyes yet.  This is the foundation of my practice. Over and over again I have invested in myself and over and over again I have gotten a Return on Investment so far beyond what I put forward.  
  • My very first high level coaching investment was more than 10,000 dollars and I earned that back within 6 weeks of starting my brand new coaching business.  I never would have imagined that was possible, but working with someone who had done it before gave me the confidence and courage to believe that I could do it too. 
  • Anything that others are doing is possible for us. 
  • Part of abundance, for me, is taking a stand for surrendering the struggle and being willing to ask for support so that I can bring flow and ease into my life.  Life has been so much more joyful since I made that decision. 

challenge content and questions for today

One more day!! Today I have a very special treat for you.  I would like to invite you to write two letters.  The first letter is from the present you to the future you.  In that letter you will be speaking from your heart to yourself one year from today, you will speak to what you will have accomplished and what you will be experiencing and feeling one year from today.  In that letter, acknowledge yourself for how far you have come, give gratitude and love to yourself and make a list of all that you intend on being different in your life at this time next year.  Go all in on your dreams with this one, dear heart.

This is my special invitation to you…if you would like to take advantage of it.  If you email me your letter and give me your address I will mail it to you in exactly one year.  On the envelope I will specify that you are to open the email on November 2, 2016.  If your address changes during the year, just email me anytime and I will change it on the envelope.   My email address is  celeste@radicalnourishment.ca  

I will not read your letter, unless you specifically tell me that you’d like to share it with me, I’ll just print it and put it in an envelope with your name and address on it and 1 year from today you will receive it by mail. 

What do you want your life to look like at this time next year? Anything and everything is possible so dream big and then take the inspired steps you need to take to make it happen. 

The second letter is a letter FROM your future self  TO your present self. I suggest you write the first letter, first.  Before you write the second letter, listen to some meditation music or do something to center and ground yourself, open your heart and open your mind to receive guidance and wisdom from your future self.  In the letter tune in to your future self and just ask for the insight and wisdom to come through to you as you write.  This letter is for you to keep and read frequently when you need inspiration and support through the year ahead.  It will offer you direction on your path.  

bonus challenge (optional)

  • You can write a letter like this to any physical or emotional concern as well...anything you feel is a block for you that you're ready to bring some new light and healing to.  Your body is the messenger of your soul, any physical or emotional symptom carries great wisdom and purpose and it has a message for you.   
  • First write a letter TO your concern or symptom from you.  Example:  Dear Thyroid......Love, Celeste  - tell it everything you want to tell it, let it all out, have no filter, write until you can't write anymore and your mind is clear  
  • Second, write a letter FROM your concern or symptom TO you.  Example:  Dear Celeste....Love, Your Thyroid
  • Don't overthink it...we want your unconscious mind to come through, your body and soul are powerful and able to allow great wisdom to come to you through this simple exercise.  I have used this with patients and clients for years and it always amazes me the insights that come through. 

Have fun with it!! 

day 10

takeaways from day 10 

  • It's always up to us to set boundaries around our pricing...we show people how to treat us and we show them what we're available to. 
  • I saw a post tonight that my friend shared with me that said "Friends ask for Discounts Prices.  True Friends pay full price to support you, your time and your work."  It really resonated for me.  For me, paying the full price of what someone's services or product is worth is a values thing...if we want to attract clients who are happy to pay us full price, we need to be living that and doing that too. 
  • If you are getting a lot of clients saying they can't afford it, look at your own self and see what new healing opportunity may be coming up.  What are you telling your own self that you can't afford?  If our wealth consciousness is not strong then we will buy the money story of everyone else. 
  • All of the exercises and questions I gave you during this challenge are things you can keep returning back to and going more and more in depth with when you feel inspired to. 


content and questions for today 

Today I wanted to offer some support specifically regarding moving forward and staying unstuck.  I think the biggest thing that keeps us stuck is our fear, we can stay in our zone of comfort for years…some people stay there for a lifetime, but our biggest and most inspired dreams are almost never in that zone at all.  

For me, following the path of my soul and doing the work of my heart has meant stepping way out of the boundaries of my personal comfort zone.  It hasn’t always been easy and it definitely hasn’t always been comfortable.  The truth is, sometimes we can even tell ourselves that it’s our spirit that is keeping us from our dreams, that it’s not the right time, that we’ll start ‘tomorrow’ or that we’ll wait until the perfect time presents and there really is no perfect time.  If there is something that you’re dreaming of and you know it’s meant for you, take the first step and move forward with inspired action.  Feel the fear, and do it anyways…and surround yourself by a whole lot of support along the way.  That’s what I did.  In coaching we learn that every coach needs a coach and I am so blessed to have had many mentors along the way…we don’t need to do it alone.  Being connected to like-hearted individuals and having someone on our team who is invested in us and committed to helping us achieve our goals makes it SO much easier to move forward through the fear.  

Tips for Staying Unstuck

1. Inspired Action:  do one thing to move in the direction of your dreams every single day…even if it’s simply a prayer or affirmation, taking time to nourish yourself, spending time dreaming and focusing on what you desire…you want to get into that energy as much as possible and then take inspired action steps in that direction. It’s not enough to just dream, dreams need to meet action and then you are on your way.

2. Continue to Up Level Your Thinking:  you are a powerful creator and your thoughts create your reality.  Your thinking will either help you stay stuck, or help you move forward, it’s your choice.  If you desire to be free, continue to become the mindful observer of your thoughts and instead of judging yourself for them just give gratitude for the thoughts that come up, hear them, feel them and then make a choice about what thoughts you’d like to dwell on and give time and attention to. 

3. Surround Yourself by Support and Invest in Yourself:  I am constantly investing in myself, being led to the groups that I am meant to work in, spending time with colleagues in a mastermind partnership, connecting with other heart-led women entrepreneurs and staying in communication every day.  It propels me forward in the most beautiful and powerful ways. This is one factor that has been critical to my success as an entrepreneur, when you surround yourself by high vibration entrepreneurs and mentors it is so much easier to find the courage and strength to get out of your comfort zone and go all in for your dreams.  


Your final challenge for today:  Do some writing about the realizations and inspirations that have come to you in the past 10 days and make a sacred contract with yourself regarding one of your dreams.  If there is any area in your life where you have been holding back or not going all in, today is the day to make a decision about that.  Write down what you want to accomplish and when you want to accomplish it by, share it with the group or with another person close to you and every day take one step in that direction, no matter how small it is. You can do it!!  



If you feel in your heart and soul that I'm the right coach for you...if you're ready to create great impact and abundance through your soulful business and if you desire to continue working with me one-on-one, I would love to offer you the opportunity to book a free discovery call so that we can explore the possibilities! 


Thank you for being a part of this special challenge!! 

Wishing you flowing and limitless abundance, joy and blessings always. 

Lots of Love,