What is it? 

One month of committing to a sacred morning routine. 

It doesn't matter what time of the morning you do it and it doesn't matter what your routine looks like...all that matters is that it feels sacred and good *to you*. 


Getting fiercely consistent with my morning practices last year radically changed my life and business. 

During the month of February I'm going to give you an intimate window into my different morning practices and also hold space for those who want to experience this journey together and be supported as they integrate new morning practices that they love. 

What is required to participate? 

A whole hearted commitment to participating for the full 30 days. 

It's about consistency...not perfection.

It doesn't matter if one of your morning practices gets done at 10pm, it only matters that it gets done. 

It's about building trust with your own self and not compromising on your sacred time and seeing what effects that has on your life. 

A little something extra

I'll ask each of the participants to pick at least ONE day in February to do a short video OR written post and share part of their sacred morning practice with the group so that we can all get different ideas and inspirations and bear witness to each other's journeys. 

What I need from you

For everyone who participates and doesn't currently have a consistent morning practice, I'd love to get feedback on a before and after. I'll have two questionnaires for you to complete...I want to know what changes for you after 30 days of going all in with this! 

Are you IN? 

I'm so excited to experience this together and look forward to a month of mornings with you in February!