Welcome Beautiful Soul

I invite you to join me in the very first live run of this program. It has been created from my heart and soul specifically to support those who want to integrate soulful coaching into their already existing work with clients and create more freedom in their practice. 

I've designed it specifically for those with an already full life. You can go at your own pace and start integrating the coaching techniques into your work in the world as you learn them. One of the special bonuses is free access to my business building mastermind, so you'll have my support as the business coach in your back pocket as you expand your work in the world.  

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This program is designed for those who already work with clients in some capacity

you may be a healer, a lightworker, mentor or practitioner

whatever your current work in the world is, everyone who registers for this program will have a few things in common:

the desire to expand your innate skills, to integrate soulful coaching into your work and to move beyond the limits of a structured hourly rate practice 

The Details

We'll have a full 4 months together as we move through nine modules of content focused on supporting you as you begin to integrate coaching skills into your work in the world. You'll have lifetime access to the material. As this is the first time I am running this program live I am considering it a Beta Test - this means you'll be getting it at a lower rate and it also means we'll be creating some of it together.  As we move through each week you'll be telling me what you want more or less of, what questions you have, what else you'd love to learn and I'll be customizing this experience for your unique needs and desires - meeting you exactly where you are and offering a high level of support to help you use this information in a way that feels most aligned and powerful for you. 

What's included?

nine modules


live group coaching calls

the opportunity for personalized feedback on your coaching skills

regular access to me in a private facebook group



4 months of access to the soulful success mastermind!

for business building support and guidance every step of the way

*during the 4 months of our Soul of Coaching program*


full access to a course in abundance

to support you with your money mindset and help you open to receive abundantly through your work in the world

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△ boundaries of coaching

△ core competencies

△ confidentiality and ethics

△ scope of practice

△ fundamental principles 

SOC - Module 2 - NEW.png

△ establishing healthy boundaries

△ maintaining boundaries and noticing imbalances in the client/coach relationship

△ creating sacred contracts and protecting the client/coach relationship 

△ difficult conversations and navigating expectations

△ not becoming enmeshed in client's emotions 

△ space holding and non-attachment

△ sacred practices for protection and clearing your energy 

△ managing payments a nd missed payments 

SOC - Module 3 - NEW.png

△ getting started in a way that sets your client up for success

△ establishing rapport 

△ goal setting and foundations for consistent accountability 

△ providing challenges to support your client in stretching their soul and moving beyond perceived limitations

△ tasks and opportunities for learning 

△ vibrational alignment and tools for staying in the flow

SOC - Module 4 - NEW.png

△ preparing for client sessions 

△ mirroring and asking powerful questions

△ keeping client goals in focus

△ challenging assumptions

△ confidently shifting perspective and redirecting conversations

△ best practices for impactful coaching 

△ when to refer to other coaches or practitioners 

SOC - Module 5 - NEW.png

△exploring the work of Byron Katie in depth

△ guiding your coaching clients through the work of healing triggers

△ understanding the mirrors and soul messages in triggers 

△ integrating that understanding and transforming it into action

SOC - Module 6 - NEW.png

△ identifying the root causes of suffering caused by limiting beliefs and energetic blueprint alterations 

△ guiding your coaching clients through the process of connecting to past lives and past generations

△ the power of soul remembering 

△ holding sacred space for the messages of the soul to come forward

SOC - Module 7 - NEW.png

△ interpreting messages from the physical body

△ tools and techniques to understand the language of the body

△ perspectives from traditional Chinese medicine and energy healing principles

△ empowering clients to communicate with their bodies and understand it's messages

△ foundations for healing 

SOC - Module 8 - NEW.png

△ noticing patterns of sabotage

△ ways to support sustainable change and transformation

△ protecting against sabotage

△ anchoring and interrupting patterns of sabotage 

△ courageous coaching and truth telling 

SOC - Module 9 - NEW.png

△ how to integrate soulful coaching into your unique work with clients

△ feedback on coaching conversations

△ creating packages for in depth work that encompasses all of your sacred gifts 


A little bit about me

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I took my very first coach training program when I was beginning my work as a Naturopathic Doctor.  I was able to weave it seamlessly into the work that I did because it was such a natural fit. I began to fall in love with that part of my work, asking the questions that would support my clients in deepening into the truth of their own souls. Healing began to happen on a different level and it sparked my soul. I created a practice that enabled me to be more me and over time I started to feel like I didn't belong within the titles of my certifications. I wasn't interested in the things that many of my colleagues were...after years of working in nursing prior to becoming a naturopath the physical details and supplements became less and less of a passion for me as I dove heart first into the work that was calling me...the soul work.

Watching someone's physical symptoms completely heal as they looked within and found the messages of their own soul was life changing for me. I deeply value the healers that work in the realm of the physical, it is important and meaningful work - it simply wasn't my path.  I started to let go of everything that felt as though it wasn't truly 'me' and I let my heart guide me to a place of deeper alignment and so much more joy.  

Today I do the work of my soul every single day and it expands my heart beyond measure. I let go of the ideas of who I had to be and started to be who I was. I became an alchemist...weaving together my gifts and my medicines in a way that allowed me to use all of them on a regular basis. My path was never the straight one, it took me from missions work in Jarabacoa to nursing school to working in palliative care to studying to become a naturopathic doctor to becoming a Reiki Master to soulful business coaching and to writing my very first book.  It was a meandering path that might not make sense to anyone else, but it makes sense to me and I wouldn't trade a single step of it. Every step has brought me into greater alignment with my true self and enabled me to do work in the world that lights me up. 

This program is for you if...

  • you already work with people in some capacity
  • you feel coaching comes naturally to you and would love to learn more so that you can confidently add it into your work in the world
  • your drawn to the idea of soulful coaching and specifically resonate with my energy and teaching style
  • you're willing to actively practice the techniques you learn in this program during our time together
  • you're willing to grow and expand personally during our time together and believe there is always more to learn
  • you desire more freedom in your practice and love the idea of making a bigger impact with LESS time
  • you're committed to living in alignment with your beautiful soul
  • you're willing to be vulnerable and visible during our time together 
  • you're self-motivated and have the energetic time and space to devote to our time together
  • you're willing to be coached during this program and are open to constructive feedback 
  • you want to take this program to complement and deepen your existing training
  • you understand that I am running this round as a Beta Test and you agree to provide me with feedback as we move through the program together and with a testimonial at the end if you have had a good experience and can authentically recommend the program to others 

Program Begins


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is certification required to practice coaching? 

In most countries coaching is not regulated and therefore certification is not required. If you're not certain, check with the government regulations in your area. By completing this program you will NOT be a certified coach, you will however learn coaching skills and be able to use your discernment to integrate these skills into your already existing work in the world. If you submit all of your completed modules and submit a recording of your coaching skills for feedback you will be eligible to receive a formal certificate of completion for The Soul of Coaching. 

I have gone through four different certification programs. Some of the rules and regulations didn't resonate and fit with the way in which I wanted to practice so I chose not to renew my certifications. 

I chose to create this program because I think it is important to learn the foundations and basic practices of coaching if you are going to be doing work similar to coaching.  I know that there are so many people who already work with clients and would love to add this extra depth to their practice without the cost, time and restrictions of lengthy programs that may not fully resonate. 

2. I don't have a practice or clients right now, can I still register for this program? 

Maybe. Participants will all be considered on an individual basis. If you have worked with clients in the past, if you regularly work with individuals or groups or have had any professional trainings you may be eligible to register. Let's have a conversation and see if it's a fit for you. If your heart feels drawn to this program, fill out the form below under "have questions" to email me. 

3. Do you offer refunds? 

Registration for this program is limited and there will be no refunds. If you're not sure whether or not you want to sign up, please don't sign up. If you have questions, email me and let's talk through them. If an already established certification program is what you're looking for this is not for you. If for some unforeseen reason you are unable to complete the program you will have ongoing access to the materials so that you can complete it when it is convenient for you and go at your own pace. 

4. What do you mean when you say you offer personalized feedback on our coaching skills? 

As part of this program you will have the opportunity to, with your clients permission, record your coaching conversation with them and submit it to me for feedback. I'll provide written feedback to you pointing out both the strengths of the call and areas for improvement. 

5. What qualifies you to teach this program? 

My soul has been nudging me to step up and teach a program like this for more than a year. I began working in the health care industry in 1997 and over time my work with clients has deepened immensely as I've focused in on diving beneath the surface to truly serve and support the soul of the individual. My highest priority is standing for the soul of every single person I work with, supporting them in connecting to their innate wisdom as they make decisions in their life and business that align with their soul's path. 

6. What is the income potential for a coach? 

Although I gave up my last coaching certification in 2016 I have never once promoted myself as a certified coach. I am very authentic and transparent with the world about my life and work experience. In my very first year as a full-time coach I earned more than six figures and I will say that this is not typical. I worked hard. I put my heart and soul into building my business and I was passionately inspired about it. I was not feeling fulfilled in my work as a Naturopathic Doctor and was feeling confined by a structured hourly practice and I decided to let go of that to create space for what felt even more soul aligned and joyful to me. 

Based on information from the website payscale.com the average income of a Life Coach in the US is approximately $24,000 - $297,000 CAD per year. This statistic is based on the reporting from only 54 individuals so it is not necessarily an accurate representation. Your income will depend on many factors including how dedicated you are to building your business, the results your clients experience, the number of hours you work, the systems you put in place to earn passive income and your desire to earn money through your coaching work. 

7. How soon can I practice coaching if I sign up for this program? 

If you're already working with clients you'll be able to add in the skills and knowledge you gain immediately.  I'm not here to control you or say what you can and cannot do, but I've set this program up so that by the end of Module 4 you'll have what I believe are the foundations needed to actively start practicing on focused coaching calls with clients. It's important that you feel in integrity within yourself. If you've never practiced any type of coaching before I would recommend doing at least 50 hours of free coaching work prior to charging for your services. That is only my recommendation and is in no way mandatory. You're free to do what feels right to you. 

8. You mentioned that this program is designed for healers, lightworkers, mentors and practitioners...can you be more specific? What types of participants would be the best fit for this program? 

If you are a space holder, if you run group programs and regularly support people through your soulful work in the world, you may be a great fit for this program. It is open to healers who offer modalities such as Reiki, Reflexology, Yoga, Shamanism, EFT and to practitioners such as acupuncturists, nutritionists, massage therapists, counsellors, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopathic doctors, homeopaths and registered nurses. If you're unsure of whether or not this program would be a fit for you simply fill out the form below and email me and we'll set a time to explore it together. 

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