Soulful, Authentic and Powerful Sales Practices

to support you in serving your potential clients in the highest way while making more sales than ever before

Are you ready to work with clients but have no idea how to effectively guide them through a discovery session or sales call?

Have you been getting a lot of no's and are ready for more yes's to come your way?

Do you feel awkward talking about your package prices? 

Do you know that you have value to offer but start doubting yourself and wish it was easier to sign up new high-level clients now?

Do you want sales calls to feel good and joyful even? 

When I began my coaching business I had no idea how to lead discovery calls...I also had no idea that I'd be having to make 'sales'. Even the sound of the word 'sales' felt icky to me. I felt stressed and anxious every time I had to tell a new prospective client the price of my packages. In the beginning my conversion rate was about 10%...meaning for every 10 calls I had with a potential new client, only one would actually end up signing up with me and every time they did it felt like it was a miracle.  And it really was...because I was terrible at leading discovery calls and I was struggling to even book them to begin with!  I took courses and training programs and what helped me most was learning how to bring SOUL into my sales conversations.  Once I did that it was no longer about the was about the soul of the person I was on the phone with and how I could serve and support them in the best way possible. That changed EVERYTHING!

I didn't need dozens of discovery calls each month, because almost everyone was saying YES!   


This program is for you

if you are ready to...

Bring the soul into sales

Book more quality discovery calls than ever and start to fill your schedule with truly ideal clients 

Feel relaxed, grounded and comfortable on discovery calls with potential clients

Have the confidence to support potential clients in saying YES to themselves as they get clarity about their next steps

Have authentic and meaningful sales conversations that feel amazing and are empowering for your clients

This Year...

Transform your experience of sales and start signing more clients

and making more money than ever

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live program starts monday, january 18th, 2016


How to Master Your Mindset, Heal Money Blocks and Energetically Open to Abundance and Wealth


How to Book Consistent QUALITY Discovery Calls with Potential Ideal Clients


How to Communicate Your Value without Feeling Desperate or 'Salesy'


How to Confidently and Joyfully Lead Sales Calls that Convert


How to Establish Rapport and Build Trust in the First Few Minutes of every Sales Call


What to do when Doubts, Fears or Excuses Come Up


How to Move Beyond Objections and Support Your Clients in Saying YES to Themselves by Working with You


How to Feel more Comfortable on Sales Calls than Ever while Being Authentically You! 


How to Streamline your Sales Process and what parts to Automate to Save Time and Money


How to Build and Expand your Email List and Attract New Ideal Clients Consistently

What you will *not* get

A sales script. 


Because you're not robots and neither are your clients.

Instead you'll learn a specific process that can be individualized and customized IN THE MOMENT to support you in serving each unique potential client in the highest way possible! 

5 weeks

5 LIVE training calls

5 Modules

Orientation Materials

Private Facebook Group


EARLY BIRD Investment: $500

*For those who register before January 1st*

unlimited personal email support for 5 weeks!

two private 45-minute coaching sessions

Hint, Hint: These two sessions are worth more than the entire cost of this course!!!
(not to mention unlimited personal email support from me for FIVE weeks) 

frequently asked questions


1. What type of profession is this program most suited to? 

This is most useful for coaches, consultants, practitioners and service-based entrepreneurs. Basically, for anyone who will have regular conversations with clients to explore working together in some way. 

2. What if I'm JUST GETTING STARTED in my business?  

If you're ready to get your first paying clients, you're in the right place! I'm going to walk you through every step of the process and you'll be well supported.  You can ask me any questions you'd like on our LIVE calls and in the Private Facebook Group too! 

3. I have never liked sales and hate saying my prices out loud...can you help me? 

If you're willing to change that...then yes! When I began working as a coach I was so afraid to say my prices out loud...and I was only charging $50 dollars per session!! Fast forward to $5000 and $8000 dollar package prices and it's easier than ever...I actually look forward to discovery calls now and have found a way to integrate my heart and soul into them in a way that honours my potential client and allows me to be authentically me. 

4. what if I can't make all of the calls live? 

Every call is recorded. If you have questions and aren't able to make the call live you can email them to me before hand and I'll answer them for you on the call so that I can give a thorough and detailed reply. 

5. Will you be offering this again? 

I honestly don't know. At this point I'm planning on only running it once live. If you sign up now you'll have lifetime access and if the course is ever run again live you'll be able to participate again for free. 

my personal guarantee

I believe in this course and in YOU so much that I have created a very special guarantee. If, after completing this course, you are struggling with sales and not able to sign up any new clients I will personally get on the phone with you and support you in your sales process...we'll see what's missing and what you can improve and I'll provide unlimited email support until you sign that first new client!  I want to see you succeed and I know this course will give you the foundations and tools you need to transform your relationship with sales and start signing more clients and earning more money than ever before!