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I feel so blessed to work with some of the most inspiring, passionate, heart-driven, purposeful and soulful women on the planet!

These are women who are going all in and it has been an incredible gift to support them and watch them absolutely soar. 

Here's a little glimpse into what they are saying about our work together...

Kristin Harris  www.kristinharris.com

Kristin Harris


I can't help but feel the deepest sense of gratitude and love for you Celeste. My year, my business and even who I am would not be the same if it wasn't for you.  You helped me find myself and my voice. You helped me reconnect to my dream, my vision and my passion and believe that I can actually live it.  You supported me every step of the way and had unwavering belief in me even when I didn't have it in myself.

Working together in your group program in the Spring and then coaching with you 1:1 these last few months has completely transformed my business and me as a soulful entrepreneur. It showed me how important it is to invest in myself, what a beautiful gift this is.  Throughout our work together I breathed new life into my business, clarified my message, defined my ideal client, rebranded my business and revamped my offerings to align with my soul in a way that makes me burst with joy.  I worked with amazing clients, I redid my website, started recording meditations, hosted my first healing circles, workshops and webinars. I created a group program and got the most sign ups I've ever had. I went on tv to be a guest on a local cooking show and booked a live segment on a local tv show in January, both of which have meant facing big fears. I published an article on HuffPost and realized how much I enjoy writing. I left my full time job and took the leap of faith to run my business full time. 

To be honest, I didn't always feel this joy about my business, I felt bogged down, tired and uninspired. I didn't know if I was on the right path and felt scattered.  I didn't have much balance in my life.  Now I feel excited about my business and can't believe that I get to do this every single day. I have found more balance and am more present in my family life and more productive in my business.  I am feeling more hopeful and inspired than ever before because I feel sure of my path as a healer and I trust my intuition.

I really stepped out in my visibility in so many ways and I know it's because I said yes to me and following my dreams by investing in the amazing support of working with you.  Thank you so much for being you, for being an inspiration and for shining your brilliant light. 

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Melanie Huestis


Working with a coach was something I never planned on (nor thought I needed) but after meeting Celeste, I felt compelled to take that leap. Celeste has helped me to move from being a mom with a side gig to a full-on entrepreneur in a matter of months. I have more than doubled my income since working with her and my business has reached a whole new level. I now have more confidence in my work, a new perspective on how to attract and engage clients, and goals loftier than I had ever expected. Celeste has encouraged me to become more visible and to own my gifts in a way I never had before. I have found a new ease in my job that allows me to balance work and life in a way that has created less stress and more abundance. Celeste's support is unwavering and personal...I know that she actually cares about me and my business. She has invaded my entire life with her genuine spirit and heartfelt encouragement - what she does transcends mere business coaching. I am deeply grateful for Celeste and the ways in which she has helped me to up level my business and my life. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Celeste I would recommend you jump on board and never look back (unless it's to see how incredibly far you've come). 

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Celeste is a beautiful, soulful, inspired coach. I have wanted to transition my business to an online audience and she has assisted me in doing just that.  She is encouraging, deeply knowledgeable and skilled.  I have taken her group program and it was exactly what I needed to move forward in creating a joy filled, abundant business. Her incredible support is so deeply valuable. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to create more expansion and flow in their business to contact Celeste.  She is pure heart and brilliance.  

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It has been a total joy to work with Celeste, and be part of her Visibility Program. I have tried many things and spent a lot of money on programs and coaches to support my business, but it is only after working with Celeste that I actually launched my website, put myself out there in terms of live video and webinars, and spoke my message from my soul. In the past I've always fizzled out of group programs midway through, but Celeste has created such an inclusive community from such a place of integrity that, for the first time, I feel energized by the end of a program rather than exhausted! This program and the friendships I have made is honestly life changing. 

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Iffath Sajid Lotallah


Celeste's Visibility Program meets you where you are and gently places you onto the next step. Before I began, I didn't know where the journey would take me, but I couldn't turn away from the opportunity. I had been asking for a way to overcome my fears of being seen, being heard and being myself. When this program was recommended to me, I knew it was my answer. Even all of my previous excuses could not find a way to say no to this one! I'm so glad I joined because not only am I finally more visible - not only online, but I am more comfortable in my own skin. 

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Katie Lipman


After being in business for almost 7 years and as a wellness centre owner for 3 of those years, I found myself at a crossroads. I had given birth 6 months prior to my daughter and I felt so lost and directionally confused in terms of where my business was headed or if I even wanted to be in business anymore.  Being someone that usually has a clear vision, it felt unnerving to have no plan and so I knew I needed to get some help and support.  I can honestly say that when I first started working with Celeste, I had no vision and no idea of what I wanted in my life or in my business. When I look back on my decision to work with Celeste, my heart expands and I am filled with such gratitude that my path led me to her and that I had the courage to say yes.  It was a big financial investment and it was a scary decision to make but I would pay it all over again and then some without a doubt!

The difference it made in my business, in my opinion, is miraculous.  Within the first two calls not only did I have the clarity to know what I wanted, I had a plan to make it happen. And it did...quickly!  After only two months of our work together I completely rebranded my business, ended unhealthy relationships, implemented ideas that I had been dreaming about for years, attracted soulful people into my life and so much more.  TWO MONTHS!  My business is now in complete alignment with who I truly am, heart and soul.  I found the courage I needed to be myself in my practice and I learned how to really trust for the first time in my life. 

Celeste is an incredibly beautiful soul and working with her was so empowering. I always felt as though my dreams were held in the most sacred of ways and that she was truly and genuinely invested in my success.  She is gentle, intuitive, loving and kind yet she won't allow you to sell yourself short or make excuses!  I have worked with a couple of other coaches in the past but in my opinion, Celeste is truly one of a kind. 

I honestly can't recommend Celeste enough. It is a big investment, but for me it was the best one I ever made.  Without her support I would probably have given up on my business!  Instead I am connecting to my soul everyday, I am whole heartedly believing in abundance and I'm no longer afraid of life!  I will be forever grateful that I met and worked with Celeste. 

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As I began creating this testimonials page my heart was just bursting with gratitude. Reading the words of such incredible women and realizing they were saying these things about me was beyond humbling. I am so blessed to work with them, so blessed to do the work that I love every single day. I never would have imagined this life was possible for me...and now I know that it's not only possible for me, it's possible for everyone who is willing to step up and say yes to their soul.

There's More...


I have had major breakthroughs within the first round of this amazing program. The most profound was discovered within a conversation about pricing. I realized I had been undervaluing myself, and my work. This has created an epic shift in my being and was tied a lot of my old money story as well. I was able to have this breakthrough because someone asked a question that started a conversation I didn’t even know I needed to have. The power of community is huge. Celeste holds space like no other human I have ever met. In that space, is where the magic appears.
— Sarah Marzalek-Kelly
“I am so touched with all the work you have done with me.  It makes me truly feel accountable to myself. 
I’m so task driven that spending time on my spirit has always been 2nd.
It’s been neglected and is screaming to get out.
I cannot explain how much of me is bursting with excitement!” 
— Anna-Marie Harris
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Celeste’s one-one-one coaching and amazing content-rich, thought-provoking programs have helped me make big steps in letting go of old stuff. Seeing widely, with better clarity, who I truly am, and the habits that have kept me small - fearful of stepping to the edge of where the really good stuff happens.

She is compassionate, wise beyond years, motivational and weaves an intuitive presence in every aspect of her work.

She, and everything she creates, is truly awesome.
— Sheelagh Stewart
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What a journey it has been! Celeste and her beautiful energy guided, supported and went beyond her call of duty.

She is nurturing, loving, kind, compassionate, content, so knowledgeable, wise, an amazing listener, grounded, confident and the most honest authentic person I have ever met.

I highly highly recommend Celeste for any of her services! You will be over the moon, in your joy!
— Tiziana D'Angelo-Meiorin
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Dearest Celeste, 

As I walk in nature this morning doing my morning meditation, feeling both energized and excited I can’t help but give thanks and gratitude to the divine for bringing you into my life. 

You have proven to be a wonderful heart centered loving coach. Encouraging without judgement all the while gently but positively encouraging a forward movement towards replacing negative thinking...creating new beliefs in my ability to create my desires as well as to commit to my desired outcome. 

Many teachers have come into my life prior to you.  You, however, have made the most impact on my thinking. I can no longer stay in my negative thinking and for the most part do not even go to this low vibration thinking. 

Thank you Celeste, for accepting your path of being a coach to many heart-centered students.
— Rev. Ann Doyle
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I want to shout out to the world that if you are looking for your true greatness and are ready to go from feeling vulnerable to finally taking down any walls that are holding you back...then you are blessed to work with Celeste!  

I am extremely grateful for attracting Celeste into my life! She is a divinely gifted angel here on earth. I mean that wholeheartedly.  In such a short time she took me from desiring my dreams and goals in life to actually living my purpose with very little effort!  She was able to customize our sessions in a way that resonated with my soul, she was patient, thoughtful and truly present to my voice. I felt safe, open, and fuelled to achieve anything I wanted!  I feel like I was a beautiful bird that had lost her feathers and never knew how to fly! She saw me for who I truly am and believed in me!  

Celeste, thank you so much for showing me my wings! I am in such a beautiful place and finally living my purpose! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 
— Leanne Keith Sexton
When I signed up to Celeste’s Visibility course I felt unseen, unheard and had a hard time staying visible consistently. That changed during our time. My email list doubled, I now have an Instagram account with a following that is growing daily and posting, live streaming, videos...is getting easier every single time. Thank you Celeste, for your love, for the space you were holding, the healing, the knowledge you shared. I love you! If you are thinking about taking this course I have just two words for you: DO IT!
— Annika Suoma Frey
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