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Beautiful Soul

I see you.

The depths of your gifts and the radiance of your light. 

I see you. 

The courage of your heart and the strength of your spirit. 

I see you. 

You're not alone. 

You're feeling called...

deeply and powerfully called by your soul to step up into your gifts.

To shine. 

To be visible and vulnerable.

To embody the fullness of your light. 

To stretch beyond the old limitations of your comfort zone  

and create a new way. 

A way that aligns with the truth of who you are. 

And you may feel a little scared,  

or a lot scared 

but you also feel ready... 


it's time.

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ANYTHING you see others doing is possible for YOU!

Your dreams are directions. They are the call of your soul. It is safe to trust them. 

They want to be born.  

All of creation is conspiring to support you. 


I want to help too! 


In 2014 I was starting from scratch...

I had no email list and no website for my business. 

All of my affirmations and dreams felt like distant wishes.

I had NO idea that almost all of them would come true in less than a year! 

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There's one crucial lesson that I learned early on in my business that continues to serve me and support me to this day and this is it: 

Spirit meets us at the point of action!

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Let's get down to business...

I know that not everyone has tens of thousands of dollars to invest in high end coaching and trainings as they build their soulful businesses.

To be honest, I didn't have it either. It was all loans and credit card debt until I started to earn abundantly and was able to pay it off. It was a HUGE leap of faith on my part and I'd do it over again a hundred times. 

There is a certain power that comes from investing in yourself and in your dreams.

It propels you forward unlike anything else and

I want that for you...

because it's hard having to struggle through on your own

and it's nice having someone on your team.  

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The systems and structures are important, but they can only take you so far. 

Fierce courage, consistent mindset work, transforming your wealth consciousness, healing old limiting beliefs, accountability, practicing vibrational alignment, listening to your soul and trusting your intuition will take you the rest of the way. 

We are going to cover all of this, and more!

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-   For your Business Building Needs  -



In between group coaching calls I will be offering live trainings on topics connected to growing a sustainable and soulful six figure business online. Every training will be recorded and posted on our private group membership site for you to watch or re-watch at your convenience. You will have access to ALL past recordings created both before and during your monthly membership. 

Topics will be based on the needs and requests of the group and may include subjects such as growing an engaged and profitable Facebook community, creating successful challenges, energetic protection, entrepreneurial spirit, mindset, content creation, building online courses, launch strategies, authentic branding, establishing yourself as a leader in your industry, soulful sales conversations and more.


ongoing SOULFUL business coaching

You'll have access to me every single week as the business coach in your back pocket and can ask me anything and everything around stepping up into your souls purpose, doing your inspired work in the world, moving through fear and self-doubt and expanding your business online.  I am an open book when it comes to sharing every detail of what worked well and what didn't as I built my own six-figure coaching business online. Whether through our group coaching calls or Facebook lives - you will have at least one livestream with me every single week. 

It can feel lonely and vulnerable sometimes putting yourself out there in the online world. You deserve to be supported and surrounded by love as you realize your dreams.


Weekly goal setting and follow up thread

These threads will help you stay focused and support you in accomplishing your goals each and every week so that you are making the progress you truly desire. 

As an entrepreneur, it's easy to let the days and weeks pass you by without taking inspired action towards the big goals that mean the most to you. I will be offering personalized feedback on your goals and I'll be there each week to gently nudge you in the direction your soul is calling you to. Your soul priorities are what we focus on here. No hiding or shrinking back from your dreams - this is your time and you'll have a community to fiercely and loving support you along the way. 



For these calls we'll meet as a group online using Zoom. You'll have the opportunity to ask me questions and receive face-to-face support in live time as we have a conversation and move our way through whatever is coming up for you. 

I want you to feel phenomenally supported and so I've included a number of different ways for you to receive coaching from me during your membership. I am here to meet you where you are and help you in every way I can as you say yes to your soul and prioritize your sacred dreams and goals. I ask you to be willing to show up as often as you can, to ask questions, to open your heart to receive support and to commit to taking inspired action consistently. We are a team. 



I fully understand that you may not always be able to attend the live-streams or group coaching calls and I want you to know, I have you covered. You can ask me or the other group members questions anytime by posting them in our private Facebook group.

If you want to make sure that I see your post simply use the hashtag #officehours and every week I will have set hours reserved especially to answer your questions. 

Done are the days of spending hours, days or weeks fumbling your way through and having to learn the hard way all the time. Support will be at your fingertips. 



When you register you will become part of an intimate and powerful community of soulful and inspired action-takers! 

Our space will be a sacred haven for incubating your dreams and receiving high level support as you move forward in leaps and bounds on the path of your soul. 

In this group you not only receive coaching, feedback and support from me - but you have the beautiful opportunity to receive consistent feedback, support and encouragement from a group of other soulful women entrepreneurs who are saying yes to their dreams. 

We rise together. 


For your Soul


receive consistent intuitive guidance and mentorship

One of my biggest goals for this membership program is to be able to serve from the fullness of who I am. Before I was a soulful business coach, I was a healer. This is woven into the thread of who I am and, since I no longer offer private healing sessions, it brings me great joy to be able to create a group offering that is so dynamic. 

Anytime you are wanting me to tune in and offer an intuitive spirit message or do a card reading for you...I'm here. You can ask in our group using the office hours hashtag, on a live-stream or during our group coaching calls. 

You are divinely supported and in the moments you feel lost, confused, overwhelmed or uncertain - I'll be here to connect to Spirit and share what comes through for you. 



These session are facilitated for you remotely once every month and no call is necessary! 

I work along with my guides and your guides to offer healing support and send love to all of you. Because this is being done as a group healing, the energy is amplified. Your divine soul is always in control of what you receive and when.  What heals for one of us opens the door for healing for another - we are all connected and this healing supports you in even more powerfully rising into the fullness of your mission here on earth and into your individual soul's calling.  

Because this is a distance healing session, you’ll be able to receive these healing energies no matter where you are or what you're doing. If you would like to feel into the session, you can simply find a quiet place to meditate and connect with the healing vortex. I will always let you know the specific day and time that the energy healing will take place. 



These beautiful journey's are offered to you live through an online Zoom session. Guided by the beat of my drum, I hold sacred space for you as your soul leads you to whatever healing or messages you are most needing at the time. 

Participation is optional. If it resonates for you and your heart and soul are needing and wanting the support, you are welcome to join. 

To honour your privacy and the sacred space, these sessions are not recorded and no replay is provided.  If you want to participate you must attend live. 

Special Bonus Offerings


instant access to a course in canva

Learn everything you need to know about how to use Canva to create stunning professional looking graphics for your business. 

Program Includes: 

  • Detailed step-by-step 70 minute instructional video guide to using Canva 

  • Detailed workbook including:

    • the best places to find royalty-free high quality free and paid photos online

    • strategies and suggestions for maximizing your reach and engagement on your Facebook business page 

    • advice about how and why to make Facebook ads and when to post them to maximize your budget 



As a member you will receive instant access to this planner. If you're struggling to post consistently on social media, having a hard time coming up with enough material for posts, articles or videos to help level up your business and increase your exposure in the online world, unsure of how to most powerfully and effectively connect with your ideal clients...this is for you. 

In this 61 page planner you'll find: 

  • An incredible process that will support you in creating a massive amount of soulful social media content quickly! 
  • Everything you need to know to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on WHO you are meant to serve 
  • Everything you need to know to understand HOW to magnetize your ideal clients to you with ease, authenticity and JOY



As a member you will receive discounts that aren't even available to the general public for every product or program that I create. These discounts are available to you as long as your membership is current and active. 

For any of the programs that are currently listed on my website, such as A Course in Abundance and A Course in Manifesting - you receive a 50% discount. 

As a member you will be FIRST to hear about any new programs or courses before they are released. 

Streamline your process and collapse your timeline by saying yes to investing in yourself

and saying yes to being supported as you build your business and follow your dreams. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join? 

The Introductory Price is set at $111 / month for a limited time. 

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when does the program start? 

It is ongoing and you can start at anytime! 

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if I register at the founding membership rate will the rate go up? 

The rate you register at will never go up, as long as you maintain your membership. If you decide to cancel your membership and want to re-join in the future you will pay whatever the current membership fee is at that time. 

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how do I cancel my membership?  

You can cancel future payments at anytime by emailing me at 

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private clients pay up to $5000 to work intensively with you for three months...why is the price of this membership so low?  

There is a deep desire in my heart to be able to serve and support a greater number of soulful entrepreneurs. I wanted to keep this membership affordable for people, while honouring the personalized support that group members will be receiving and charging a price that feels like a fair energetic exchange. The Introductory rate is a special opportunity for those who want to get in on the ground floor of this beautiful program.  The first business training program I took cost me more than 10,000 dollars and, while I think it's important to invest in ourselves as entrepreneurs, I don't think it's necessary to invest at that level if you're just getting started. 

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what stage of entrepreneurship is this membership ideal for? 

Membership is ideal for you if you are ready to move forward with the call of your soul. I have created this program for those who are wanting to become more visible in the online world and grow and expand their business locally or globally. For those who are willing to show up for their dreams and want to receive support along the way. 

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what makes this membership unique? 

The combination of business and soul support is something that allows me to give from the core of who I am. I believe that entrepreneurship is one of the most healing and empowering journeys of our lives and everyone is worthy of being supported as they navigate through what can otherwise be a very lonely path. Following the call of your heart is soul stretching and combining both spirit AND strategy will support you in creating the sustainable, fulfilling and impactful freedom-based business that you dream of. Living into your greatness by doing your soulful work in the world is a sacred opportunity and I'm here to support you. 

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Join now for only $111 (1).png
The support is unlike any that I get anywhere else. Since I began the mastermind I feel more supported when making decisions that once scared me. Even if I can’t come into the group, I can feel the support anyways. It helps me to take the next step because I know that I have a place where I am supported no matter what. I’ve also been surprised to see how many people actually believe in me, too. It’s given me more confidence in the direction that my soul is pulling me to go.
— Iffath Sajid Lotallah
My favourite part of this mastermind is the leader!
Having a kind business model is really priceless to me.
I find I am trusting my inner guidance more now.
I love the sisterhood, goal setting and follow up every week.
— Sharon Laplante
There’s not a single moment when I don’t feel supported. It’s so well-rounded to support sensitive souls in so much more than the business end of things. Even seeing how you work with those who are struggling in different ways than I, has been super helpful for me to see for my own coaching.

Since beginning the program I definitely feel clearer, a deeper sense of understanding, worthiness, confidence, and more powerful because of this wonderful group.
— Kathy Mercure
I appreciate how quickly you respond to our posts, your level of caring, and how you immediately see where we may need to adjust our thought patterns. All said so easily and lovingly.

I’ve made more money than last year. I’ve met some people that I am and may be doing joint workshops with. I feel that I’m going in the right direction.
— Janet Tuenschel
I love you and you continue to inspire me in the way you fully support each of our souls, you see us fully and completely and I feel so grateful to have found you on Facebook.

Since beginning this program I am braver, louder and clearer! It feels amazing to be a part of it as I am then also inspired by other ladies stepping up to live their dream lives.
— Anja Simmons
Since beginning this program I have noticed personal growth, my life has undergone a huge transformation. Letting go of everything that no longer serves me, making lots of space in my life for the greatness that awaits me. As my corporate career has come to an end (thank you universe) I have discovered a different person within myself one who is peaceful, present and more in tune with herself then ever before. Prior to the program I was afraid to show up as authentic me because I didn’t want to rock the boat or be judged. Now nothing of that nature matters. I am here to serve a higher purpose and have been chose for a reason. I could go on and on but I am a completely different person than I was when I first joined. For that I am so grateful on all of the support I have received and love from Celeste.

— Marisa Furtado
Everyone in the group is very supportive of each other. Since beginning the program I have been able to figure out my self sabotage patterns and what things are holding me back. It has been helping me find my true balance between self, career and family.
— Shyla Robertson Bitz
It’s amazing to have so much love and support all the time. It’s great to have the emotional support on those days when I’m feeling lonely or frustrated. It’s also great to have the feedback, help, constructive criticism, and other perspectives from everyone else. I also love that it’s all really immediate - I can post almost any time of day or night and get at least one response really quickly.

Since beginning the program I feel much more confident.
— Janet Sandberg

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Introductory Rate Available for a Limited Time

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